Elderly parents' Brit citizenship application

by Ultra-Remainer EEA citizen in London, England, United Kingdom

Elderly parents' Brit citizenship application
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I'm raising funds to apply for my elderly parents' British citizenship - we are an EU family who arrived in the UK in the '60s

by Ultra-Remainer EEA citizen in London, England, United Kingdom

I'm in the process of saving to apply for British citizenship for my oldies, who've lived in the UK for decades.

We'd need to raise £3,000 for both of them - £1,500 each.  

The full cost is higher than what we're raising, but we're covering that with savings.

They're pensioners on a low income, which means that me and my siblings have to help both substantially with their living costs, while obviously raising and supporting our own respective families. 

It's a struggle.

They're very proud and don't want to be a burden on anyone, so they would never ask for benefits or government assistance themselves, which means that we've no other solution but to try to raise the money ourselves. We can't ask for assistance on their behalf.

Given the last 3 years since the Referendum, we've become increasingly worried at the prospects for EU citizens in the UK.  My parents are in their '80s, so a move back to our EU country of origin just isn't feasible.

They already have Settled Status.

I've always donated to fellow people in need, Big Issue sellers, I set up the #SettledStatusBorrowMyAndroid hashtag on Twitter to help EEA citizens avoid the Home Office fees to use Androids for Settled Status applications, and I volunteer to give immigration tips on Twitter and on immigrationboards.com, so people can avoid paying for expensive lawyers unnecessarily.  

I need your help to secure my parents' future and peace of mind in London - although a bit far-fetched perhaps, we fear a Windrush-type outcome if No Deal passes.

If you can spare £1 or more, we would be eternally grateful :)

If you can't donate but can share/RT/like our fundraiser, we would also be eternally grateful :))

In return, I'm happy to give free immigration tips to anyone who needs them.

Thank you :)

[Image credit:  https://wjla.com/news/nation-world/uks-eu-vote-cameron-warns-leave-leader-wants-to-divide]

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