Elderbrook Cordial Tonics

We make vitamin enriched cordials made with fruit, superfoods, and coconut nectar delivered direct to you through the post.

We did it!

On 22nd Jun 2015 we successfully raised £11,006 of £10,000 target with 177 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We did it! An absolutely massive thank you to everyone that has pledged so far. We have been incredibly touched by people's generosity and all of the amazing feedback we've had. We couldn't have done this without you and we most certainly won't ever forget it. 

With just 4 days to go we have decided to go to overfunding and raise our target to £12k. The additional funding will help to make Elderbrook more widely available and pay for a bottling machine that will make us 3x more efficient. You wouldn't believe how every penny we get makes such a big difference. 

We can't wait to get the products out to you and are a very excited about what the coming months will bring. 

Thanks so much. 

Craig & David

Project aim 

To fund the launch of the first ever range of completely natural, superfood cordials that make drinking water tasty in a healthy way. 

How it all started 

Without water we'd be dead. No question about it. That's a pretty strong selling point - if we could have just invented water, we would have. But, while water is great at what it does, one area that it doesn't always deliver in is taste, which is the reason one in eight people in the UK said they don't drink enough of the stuff. 

We were two of those people. Water, while keeping us both alive, just didn't get our pulses racing. And the only thing that we could find in the shops to spice it up a bit was artificially sweetened or full of sugar.  

We knew we could do better and decided to create a healthier way to enjoy water. So, we left our jobs at innocent drinks and joined forces; two guys on a mission to make water just that bit more interesting while still doing yourself some good. 


A brief history of cordials 

Most people think cordials were invented fairly recently but they actually date back to 15th century Renaissance Italy where people drank them to invigorate the heart, body, and mind and even drank them as a form of medicine.

Here at Elderbrook, we feel that cordials have lost their way a bit in recent years. We want to go back to the healthier roots of cordials by creating our very own new cordial tonic. Cordial, as in a fruit drink, and tonic, as in a way to invigorate yourself. 

We are bringing back the essence of the original cordials by including superfoods that will help people live a healthier lifestyle and do themselves some good. We’re not planning on bringing back the aphrodisiac qualities just yet though (but you never know). 


What are Elderbrook Cordial Tonics? 

We have created the first ever range of completely naturally sweetened cordials with added superfoods. The recipes have no added refined sugar - instead we use coconut blossom nectar and a touch of stevia to sweeten them, so they still taste great. 


Elderbrook Cordial Tonics are sold on a subscription basis.  Every fortnight, a beautiful little box containing one stylish 50ml glass bottle of one of our recipes will arrive through the post delivered to either your desk at work or your home. You can change your recipe as frequently as you like and we have plans to introduce more in the very near future. 


Once your bottle of Elderbrook arrives it makes ten delicious drinks - a little goes a long way and all you need is enough of each recipe to just cover the bottom of a glass and then add water. 

We have three amazing recipes (if we do say so ourselves) that have been meticulously tweaked to taste the best they can possibly be. They are:

- Lime, Mint, & Baobab 

- Mango, Passion Fruit, & Goji Berries 

- Raspberry, Cranberry, & Blueberries 


An environmental impact 

Not only do we want to make it easier for people to be healthier, we also think it’s important that we do our best to have a positive impact on the environment while we're doing it. 

Within the beverage supply chain, a lot of water gets shifted around unnecessarily. The typical soft drink is largely made up of water mixed with a little bit of syrup - looking at the ingredients list for Coca-Cola, lemonade, and Fanta, for example, you will see the number one ingredient for all of those drinks is water. This means that huge quantities of water are being shipped from place to place which is causing fuel to be burnt on an enormous scale, which obviously leads to damage to the environment.  

We want to remove the water from the supply chain and, in essence, allow people to make their own soft drink helping cut down on the amount of water being moved around the world unnecessarily.  


Who are we?  


Elderbrook is made up of us, two guys, David & Craig, who met at innocent drinks after starting on the same day, funnily enough. We have worked in the food & drink sector for a number of years at big players like innocent & Mars, through to small brands like Pieminister (as you can probably guess, they do awesome pies) & Peppersmith (amazing mints that are good for your teeth). 

So we’ve learnt from the best about how to create an amazing product and a great customer experience, whilst still having some fun.  

We felt it was time to have a crack at doing this ourselves and do something that we genuinely love. 


What have we done so far? 

We have been self-funding the business and so far have managed to achieve quite a lot on quite a little.

We have spent countless hours working on every element of Elderbrook. From researching hundreds of suppliers, manufacturers, and postal options through to designing the brand and developing the recipes.

We have meticulously tweaked our recipes by sampling to over 300 people (not including friends & family) to make sure they taste the very best they can. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with lots of people asking if they could sign up.  

To make that happen, we just need your help.  


What will we use the money for? 

The money that we raise will be used to buy essential ingredients and packaging that will allow us to create our first batch ready to be sold. Unfortunately Craig’s kitchen where we have been hand blending smaples is too small and we need to be able to produce Elderbrook on a larger scale so that we can reduce costs and grow.

Your pledge will fund product ingredients, packaging and help us further develop our brand. 

By this summer we'd like to be in a position where we are ready to go and Elderbrook is available for people to buy. 


Awesome rewards

We have awesome money can't buy rewards lined up which you can see at the top right of this page. Here is a bit more detail about each of them.

Everyone who pledges will have the honour of making it into the Elderbrook Hall of Fame that will be on display in our office. For our subscription rewards you will be able to choose which recipe you would like to receive and you will be able to change this as often as you like throughout the subscription. 

The Founding Membership is available to those pledging £150. This is the subscription to end all subscriptions. Not only will you get 12 months worth of fortnightly Elderbrook Cordial Tonic deliveries, you will also get exclusive access to our new recipes before they launch, and you will also be included in the development process when we are coming up with new flavours.  

We have a one off limited edition work of art by the remarkable Amber Locke. Prints are available for the £250 and £500 rewards depending on what size you would like. They make the perfect feature for any home or office and will never be available to buy again. 



Our top reward is perfect for treating your friends, work team or clients to a fantastic night out. We’ve partnered with a world class mixologist, Ally Martin, to host a cocktail making night for us to ten pepole at the exclusive private members club, the House of St.Barnabas. We can promise that Ally will be showing you how to make some amazing cocktails inspried by our recipes. Ally is just back from Australia competing the world mixology championships and is in high demand.

Any amount you can pledge will mean an enormous amount to both of us and help introduce a healthier way to make water more enjoyable. The success of Elderbrook is in your hands and if you've pledged we'd be massively grateful if you could please share with other similar minded people.


Thank you for your support,

David & Craig



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