Elaina's Rehab

Elaina's Rehab

I'm running the Tewkesbury half marathon in May to raise money which will contribute towards Elaina's rehabilitation.

We did it!

On 25th May 2017 we successfully raised £450 with 31 supporters in 56 days

Elaina's story written by her mummy -

'Elaina started having seizures at four months old and she was diagnosed as epileptic. Despite medications she continued to have seizures and they became longer and longer lasting 30 mins to 2 hours on a regular basis. No one could tell us why this was happening to our little girl. Elaina was developing normally but having huge seizures. Tests were done and more and more medications were tried but before we could get a cause and stability, Elaina had a seizure that changed her forever! In August last year, three days after her second birthday, she had a seizure and a cardiac arrest for 8 minutes (the doctors don't know why).  

She now has global brain damage as well as epilepsy which causes 25 seizures a day. We now know that the epilepsy has been caused by Dravet Syndrome.  She can't talk or eat, her vision has been affected but no one can tell us how much, she can't sit, crawl, stand or walk.  She's working hard with physios to learn to hold her head up and she is making progress with this but it's hard work and she needs constant input and practise! 

The money raised will support us in providing much needed physio for Elaina, music therapy and rebound. Rebound is trampolining to help with her body awareness, widen her movement experience and feelings, and to help with physio.' 

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