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As the daughter of immigrant parents in the 70s, El Greco was a place where everyone was welcomed. We need the return of this spirit today.

by Olga Thompson in Letchworth Garden City, England, United Kingdom

Once upon a time there was a little girl who grew up watching her immigrant Cypriot mother with broken English, work and sacrifice so much for her and her siblings in a little hairdressing salon in North London in the 1980s.  This little girl swept hair, made tea and tidied rollers and watched some very funny characters come in and out of her mother’s little shop. She overheard secrets and funny stories, regrets and heartbreaks. She observed men and women from all walks of life come in and bare their souls to her mother in that hairdressing chair. That little girl saw her mother love, counsel, feed (and of course style the hair of) so many precious souls who traveled from all over to see her. They all came to the hair shop; the Irish, the Jamaicans, the Indians, the Italians and the Greeks; oh and that little Chinese lady who always brought her parrot with her. Oh yes. In a cage. On the bus all the way from Bethnal Green. All these colourful, nomadic individuals coming together, making the UK and this little corner of North London, El Greco, their home. When that little girl grew up she decided to write a show all about this. She realised that this happy, quirky London salon with its colourful ladies and men who would come in for their coffees, perms, George Michael highlights, gossips, sets and blow drys; had never ever left her.  So many stories she has to tell and so many bizarre characters she has to play. Hello to the gorgeous new Baklavas who came along yesterday. You are so welcome and loved here. I hope I can make you laugh always but also encourage you and inspire you to overcome and go for your dreams as I go for my dreams too. I am a teacher and mum of 3 boys with a dream. Coming to @edfringe this summer is the story of El Greco ~ the Cypriot Dynasty of Hornsey. An unusual, musical comedy with heart.


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