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El Desayuno (The Breakfast) is a collective pictorial work celebrating the spirt of youth, freedom, the breaking of bread and the rising sun

by Hekatômbe Producción Artística in Ciudad de México, , México


Hekatômbe Producción Artística is a Mexican artistic production house founded in 2018, originally launched to bring the young dance duet dos.trenzas to the Edinburgh Fringe, as a co-production with UK independent producing organisation C theatre. 

The company's first international piece, dos.trenzas' GIF, had its UK premiere as part of the C venues creative season at the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Hekatômbe is led by young Mexican women with extensive experience in the performing arts. Since Hekatômbe's foundation they have grown their skills and forged artistic collaborations in interdisciplinary creative production.

Hekatômbe has established four action lines to carry out projects that conceive genuine artistic approaches: service portfolio, professional practice for professional development, promotion of national and international programmes, and community actions for social innovation.


The year 2020 was intended to be Hekatômbe's first year of international links for Mexican artistic production. The changing global situation has prevented us achieving our original plans, but amidst the pandemic wee have forged new international connections and are working on projects for the future.


As part of these plans to look forward to a brighter future for Mexican arts, we are producing El Desayuno II (The Breakfast II) – a powerful interdisciplinary creative work combing performative work and visual art   from Miguel A Casco.



As the sun's first rays strike the earth, a three-camera photoshoot will capture the selected moments that will make up the second visual series of El Desayuno. Under the authorship of Miguel Casco, the piece will be presented live for the first time to an intimate audience of 20 people, who will witness what happens inside and outside the 'scene'. By noon, the memories will be imprinted. After that day the images will be a curious mystery, until the brush finishes the last note of colour on each frame.



Miguel Casco graduated in plastic arts, and has a MA inInformation Design from the Universiity de las Américas Puebla. He was a participant in the Seminar 'Arte y Signo' at the National Centre for Research, Documentation and Information on Plastic Arts (CENIDEAP-INBA).
As an artist he has participated in different solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, the United States and Germany, and in different fairs, symposiums, forums and meetings. His work invites us to reflect on nudity in the current era and censorship. Technological-digital influence and media connectivity are entities that promote a shared intimacy that is reflected through painting. He is currently developing three projects: Send Nudes, El Breakfast and Pxrnpics, all started in 2018.



With this campaign you will help us to cover the costs and fees of the production so we can work with the highest quality possible for this creation. Your support will enable us to produce El Desayuno II.

We invite you to  review the budget where you can see in detail how the money you donate will be applied.

While our crowdfinding goal is €3000.00, the whole making of the project is 160,000.00 mexican pesos. We are taking this it step by step, and your support will helps us to achieve our goal.


El Desayuno II (The Breakfast II) is inspired by El Desayuno (The Breakfast), which is the first part of these series, which archive started back in 2018, the oil paintings  to created, the studies and prints produced until now, breaks the path we will follow for this next performance.

This pictoric act is a space created to celebrate life, for people to feel good in their own skin. A place where the contact between bodies interacts at its most honest and transparent way, to recognize us as beings. To give us respect for the simple fact of inhabiting and sharing the same world.  


We offer take as an inspiration and reference for this project, the work of William Adolphe Bouguereau, Monica Cook and Mihail Dinisiuc, which in different times they proposed collective nudity as a social act of acceptance and celebration. To connect with our primal and instinctive essence and assume the body as ours and also as a piece of art.


All of the pictoral acts will be recorded and photographed, and later a backstage streaming will be shown in a single transmission to the every reward investors. The photographic footage and the video recorded will not be distributed. The only detail from the sessions that will be made generally available will be the painting series made by Miguel A. Casco. 


El Desayuno II is going to take place on  21  November 2020, in a location on the outskirts of Mexico City, where nature converges the outsides of the city, giving us an ideal space for the photoshoot. The performance will start with the rising sun. As a ritual, the performers will set up the breakfast table.


It is planned to exhibit the completed painting series in Mexico and internationally, including a showing as part of the C venues creative season at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe








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Video Streaming Premiere Behind the Scenes

Streaming Behind the Scenes – El Desayuno II You will have the opportunity to watch the process of making El Desayuno II, before, during and after the performance. After streaming the video, our team will be respond to questions and share our experiences. This video will be shown only if you choose this reward.

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El Desayuno II Tote Bag

Choose your favorite image of El Desayuno I and have it in your own tote bag. Delivery depends on the country of residence.

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Print 30x30 El Desauyuno

Limited edition of a print, signed by the artists. Mesures 30 x 30 cm. / 11.8 x 11.8 pulg. 15% discount from usual price Able to choose from 3 different images from El Desayuno I. Shipping outside Mexico City at additional cost.

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Double ticket to be at El Desayuno II

You can be one of the few. Join us to be witness of El Desayuno II, be there. This support gives you access as a ticket holder to this pictorial act, sharing the meal with the cast, crew and team. This ticket is for two people.

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Oil Painting 25x30cm

Original Oil Painting 25x30 cm Choose from all the available pictorial studies. One will be painted and delivered exclusively to you. 12% discount from original price Shipping outside Mexico City at additional cost.

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Be part of El Desayuno II

Can you imagine becoming part of posterity by appearing in a painting? Become part of the pictorial work of record of this project. An unforgettable experience, where your presence will be will immortalised.

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Last Oil Canvas El Desayuno I

Once in a liftime opportunity. Get the last oil canvas from El Desayuno I . Shipping outside Mexico City at additional cost.

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