El Camino - for a Green Card for Europe

by Rafal Skarbek in London, England, United Kingdom

El Camino - for a Green Card for Europe
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To support the New Europeans campaign for a Green Card for Europe to ring fence the rights of EU citizens and Britons in the EU post Brexit.

by Rafal Skarbek in London, England, United Kingdom

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Rafal Skarbek 20th August 2019

Thank you again. After my return to Somerset I didnt go yet on bicycle however when I am back I will post some lovely routes for those who would like to visit Somerset. Please visit facebook L camino page to see them. Those who would like to celebrate with me free movement of Europe please don't forget this weekend in my village big beer festival. If you want to come please contact me via facebook page. All welcome.

Andrea Pisauro 20th August 2019

A Green Card for all citizens in the Brexit limbo could be a splendid solution to give certainty and clarity to 5 millions people. I praise and support Rafal's effort to raise funds to support this sensible proposal of New Europeans.

Rafal Skarbek 15th August 2019

Thank you to all of you for all your contribution and comments. Imogen and David please contact me on our L camino facebook page when I return we could celebrate our success together face to face not just online.

Mary Ledgard 14th August 2019

What a wonderful achievement, well done Joan! I hope you have inspired many more people to support this cause and donate what they can. You are amazing, enjoy your celebrations!

Imogen Le Hunte 12th August 2019

I’m so pleased that we met you just outside Santiago - what a fantastic cause! I thought our 300+ km was hard work, but your achievement is truly amazing. Even more surprising was finding out that you live just down the road from us! Great work.

Rafal Skarbek 31st July 2019

Thank you for all your support and contribution. I am now in Spain in Logrono the capital of La Rioha region. This is one of my favourite wine. It would be great to have one big bottle to share with you that taste but this is what Roger Casale is trying to achieve through Green Card project, so we can have this one big bottle together in few years time with no problems after Brexit. The situAtion looks very serious, pound is on the lowest level since referendum. If we dont raise the money for the project you wont have support in place.

Rafal Skarbek 6th July 2019

Thank you Sonia. Your comment its perfect in my situation. I am about 100 miles from Paris and suppost to get there on Sunday but after reading your comment i am just finishing my coffee in Amiens to continue my cycling for you and your family, friends...

sonia joyce 5th July 2019

Since WW2 and before people have been encouraged to move around the world, some moved because of war, others for economic reasons and some just for the hell of it and now we are told we cannot. I truly believe Brexit goes against the spirit of the Union. I believe the aim of the Union should be to bring us together and together we can solve common problems we all share. We also share a history of good times and bad, but it is our history. There is nothing wrong with nationalism it should be encouraged and our unique ways celebrated, but we also have a higher duty to ensure we live together side by side with our neighbour, working together and caring for and helping each other. Myself and my children stem from 4 different European nationalites, spanning over 4 generations one of them being British (English), we are not French but we live in France and we try to abide by their rules and ways. Should we have to leave, what do we do, leave a leg in Germany, an arm in Holland, another in Italy and our heart in France? We are Europeans, we have the right to live, marry who we choose and work in an United Europe. We should fight for that right.

Rafal Skarbek 3rd July 2019

Thank you for all your contribution so far. I will be cycling to Paris first from Calais then after cycling route towards Bordeaux. Any support with accommodation would be very welcomed.

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