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by Matthew Tucker in London, England, United Kingdom

Ekballo Ministries
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For the preaching of the Gospel. This is my heart for the community, the nations and the world. Salvation, healing, truth and Jesus for all.

by Matthew Tucker in London, England, United Kingdom

After hitting the streets recently and getting feedback from the community. It appears having suitable equipment so that I can be heard is necessary, as well as a stand in order to be elevated so more can hear the good news. I've watched many people hear God's words and be saved, and be touched in their heart with the message of the Gospel over the years. I've seen many receive miracles and be healed of incurable conditions over the years. I've seen many delivered of demons over the years and emotionally set free from trauma or addictions. Now it's time to see many more raised up and equipped to do the same. I can see a movement brewing, I can see that the harvest field is ready. These are the last days and never before in history has the church been experiencing so much persecution worldwide, it's time to speak up and speak out. It's time to make a dedicated concentrated effort to reach souls for Christ. I've been a follower of Jesus since 2005, ordained into ministry in 2011 under Elim KT network and been on missions overseas, but more needs to be done in the UK and not just in the 4 walls of the church building, we have to go out and change the world with the power, love and the word of God. If you want to support this movement and enable more to be reached and taught and trained through me and others who I will be networking with and working with then consider investing, sowing, funding, joining, contacting, or coming out on the streets with me (praying for me too). If you want to see people getting saved, healed, touched baptised, filled with the Holy Spirit then common family... let's do this! The harvest is ready, the harvest is now. 

Right now I'm looking for funds to get suitable equipment and gospel materials and resources for giving out to the lost as well as Bibles to give away. We have to reach the lost and mobilize Church, we just have to, the precious blood of Jesus and the blood of the martyrs of His gospel demand our attention, demand our collaboration and demand our action.

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