EJF Woodlands Appeal

EJF Woodlands Appeal

EJF wants to protect several acres of Welsh woodland to offset carbon emissions and create a safe haven for wildlife for generations.

We did it!

On 8th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £420 with 21 supporters in 21 days

Iolo Williams, naturalist and broadcaster:

"Anything that helps to protect our global climate and inspire others to do the same is to be welcomed. The fact that this innovative little project protects a small patch of my beloved Welsh landscape and its wildlife is a bonus. It shows that we can all give a little to change a lot."

Millions of people are forced from their homes each year by climate change related disasters such as drought, famine and extreme weather events like floods and storms. Climate change affects the poorest and most vulnerable first and worst. 

Starkly aware of the impact of CO2 emissions, at EJF we strive to minimise our energy consumption, which includes investing in community-based, long term renewables. But we want to go one step further in offsetting emissions with our plan to protect an area of UK woodland, which will work naturally to combat climate change by absorbing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We will also increase biodiversity in our forest reserve by planting new trees and plants, which will in turn provide habitats for wildlife and pollinators.

We have £10,000 promised from The Waterloo Foundation for this project if we manage to raise £11,000 in crowdfunding. 

By donating to EJF’s Woodland Appeal you will:

  • Help us offset 55+ tonnes of carbon emissions through carbon storage, and mitigate the devastating effects of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable communi.
  • Protect UK wildlife and increase populations of UK bees and other crucial pollinators.
  • Create an inspiring space for local people to visit and engage with issues of climate change, woodland management and environmental protection.

We want this woodland to serve as a symbol of our long term commitment to protecting both people and planet. Please help us realise our ambition of establishing a UK local project with a truly global impact.

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