Sharing the Eid feeling with Ealing!

Sharing the Eid feeling with Ealing!

Make an amazing impact this Eid by sponsoring small gifts to your neighbours in Ealing. Ice creams, chocolates & fruits. Read About below!

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2016 we successfully raised £425 with 21 supporters in 28 days


After the great success of last year's campaigns masha'Allah that distributed over 700 ice creams, chocolates and fruits to hundreds of people across Ealing (gaining press coverage), we are back for our 2nd Annual Sharing the Eid feeling with Ealing

Let's make this year bigger and better for our neighbours insha'Allah :-)

Project Aim

To bring smiles & delight to Ealing by distributing free Eid chocolates, fruits & ice creams to as many of our neighbours as possible. 

All on behalf of local Muslims like you and me. Courtesy of support from WLIC Ealing Mosque.

Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should be generous to his neighbour” - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

What better way to share the Eid spirit with all our neighbours!

Who will we gift?

1)  Local neighbours, e.g. families, kids and elderly residents

2)  People who serve our local community. Like staff in the local hospital, school, fire station, welfare services etc.

How you can help? Sponsor an Eid Gift today!

Just click to pledge an amount towards Eid gifts. The more we raise, the more gifts we can distribute. Simple as that!

Lets Share the Eid feeling with Ealing!

Jazakullah khairun :-)


Watch last years video here: 



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