EFTA4UK - say NO to no deal brexit

by EFTA4UK Team in London, England, United Kingdom

EFTA4UK - say NO to no deal brexit
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On 7th December 2018 we successfully raised £4,055 with 40 supporters in 35 days

To 'TAKE BACK CONTROL' of Brexit by holding a large pro-EFTA event in Westminster to change the destiny of the UK for the better.

by EFTA4UK Team in London, England, United Kingdom

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Henry Bradley 5th December 2018

EFTA is the only option that stands a chance of healing the divisions this incompetent Government has caused in their ham fisted negotiations with the EU.

Joseph Hughes 1st December 2018

Sensible yet ambitious. Keeping the four freedoms for the most part but opting out of the parts that are not right for the UK and enabling a greater and global future. The best way to respect the close result and unite the country while delivering an independent Britain.

Martin Hall 16th November 2018

The best option by far. Hopefully EFTA members have not been put off the UK joining by those who suggest it as a short term option on the way to Canada+.

William Cable 6th November 2018

Brexit is is the right thing to do, and so it has to be done in the right way - EFTA is not perfect, but it's the best way forward and sets us up for future improvements as well.

Ken Westmoreland 5th November 2018

As one American said: 'It's the economy, stupid!' That may be harsh, but in the past two years, we have seen more stupidity than most of us have done before.

Neil Stretton 4th November 2018

I voted to leave the EU, I did NOT vote to leave the EEA and the Single Market. EFTA membership - the 'Norway Option' - is the ONLY way forward.

Richard Keatley 3rd November 2018

It is criminal that our politicians and media are ignoring the option of staying in the EEA through EFTA. I hope this campaign can break through the ignorance and complacency.

Matthew Humphreys 3rd November 2018

All the very best with this initiative. I voted to leave the EU, not cut off all trade relations as some in the "no deal"/WTO camp would in effect have it. The EFTA model provides the right balance of recognising national sovereignty whilst embracing economic interdependence.

Tom MacLennan 2nd November 2018

A logical, comfortable choice for a global, internationalist Britain, but maintaining a close and friendly relationship with our neighbours, no matter what they do politically. It is the only viable, reasonable option. We'll done to EFTA4UK for fighting the good fight.

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