Affordable EECP Therapy Heart Treatment Clinic

The funds needed to establish EECP clinic to treat people with stable Angania . This is non invasive treatement enhances quality of life

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The objective of the project is to setup EECP (External counter pulsation) therapy treatment centre in England and eventually expand to Wales and Scotland. EECP therapy is non-invasive treatment which improves the blood circulation throughout the body. EECP innovative technology address the issue which have emerged as the number one killer in both urban and rural areas of the UK causing economic loss to the country. Cardio vascular disease is a chronic, system wide illness in which poorly functioning blood vessels weaken circulation, precisely in and around the heart causing blockage of artery, angina and heart attack. EECP Therapy (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation) helps in increasing coronary perfusion, increasing diastolic perfusion pressure, decreasing ventricular load, increasing venous return, increasing coronary collateral flow to ischemic regions of myocardium, eliminating toxins such as carbon dioxide and lactate, supplying more nutrients such as oxygen and glucose. This would benefit patients with coronary heart conditions to have a better quality of life and enjoy life as they should do. We aim to make the treatment affordable and available in the UK for all.