Educational Support

by Cassidy Fritsch in Loughton, England, United Kingdom

Educational Support
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Do you have what it takes to pay it forward? I'm crowdfunding to have my loan paid off so that I can pay it forward to future students.

by Cassidy Fritsch in Loughton, England, United Kingdom

I will be graduating with my M.A. Degree in September and am immensely excited....but...student loans can linger on for quite a while. I've worked very hard to move from the USA to England alone, and can really use some help to pay off my huge whopping loan so that I can pay it forward to other students in the future.

What will your help do?

It will pay it forward. I plan to focus on creating grants that will help students get the university experience for free in the U.S.A. and the U.K. By contributing to my crowdfunding, you will allow me to pay it forward to other students in the future.

It will help me to be able to do more in the community. I would love to spend more time by helping out at charity events vs. having to find a second job to pay off my loan. Our lives should not be filled with heaps of debt when we're meant to live life to the fullest while enjoying it.

I also want to make studying abroad more accessible to students around the world because going abroad is a life-changing experience. I constantly hear my friends say that they can't study abroad because they can't afford that "luxury". Opening more grants for students wanting to go abroad will broaden their horizons and give some people the education they feel that they truly need. Your contributions will help me to pay off my loan which will give me more time to focus on grants I want to make possible vs. drowning in student debt.

Please help pay it forward so that I can help pay it forward in the future.

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