Educational Garden Project

Educational Garden Project

To build an educational garden for young children, encouraging a love & appreciation of wildlife & mini-beasts whilst teaching conservation

We did it!

On 19th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

In 2015 our garden was destroyed buy storm Desmond. Our boundary fence was torn down & the heavy clay soil was flooded, retaining water over for several months. Gradually, we have made repairs. The fence has been rebuilt and the ground has been cultivated, with a new lawn seeded and a large bed created.
This funding is to create an educational garden, designed for young children to stimulate the senses and arouse curiosity in nature. The aim is to include an array of plants & structures to encourage bees, bugs and birds into the local area. 
The garden will contain several areas including a mud kitchen, a 'watch them grow area' filled with edible plants (which will be used in cookery with the chidren), an exploratory area utilising pipes & funnels & a large wildlife garden.
There will also be a seperate area for the birds and the books, reading and resting. This will be a sanctuary filled with bird feeders & areas for sitting and reading or being creative.
Planting will be chosen for the ability to cultivate and propogate year after year, with extra plants being given to local schools for their gardens. The idea is to create a space where the children can learn about local wildlife and help to sustain the local bee and bird popuation. We are hopeful to be able to create a sharing experience with schools in urban areas, exchanging videos and letters.

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