Educational Center for Transpersonal Consciousness

by Terra Collective in Porters Wood, England, United Kingdom

Educational Center for Transpersonal Consciousness
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On 21st February 2020 we successfully raised £27,370 with 18 supporters in 58 days

We aim to acquire a property of 150+ hectares to create the first Terra Center in France, to enable transpersonal consciousness and ecology.

by Terra Collective in Porters Wood, England, United Kingdom

Terra Collective seeks to develop Terra Centers as harbors of ecological, educational, technological and spiritual development, while implementing Terra Programs to engage, exchange with, and support Wisdom Traditions worldwide.

Our overall objective is to support a new way of living in ecology, reciprocity, and symbiosis by building a global network of centers that exchange with indigenous cultures and apply programs in five core domains:
-- Wisdom Tradition Exchange
-- Education
-- Collective Evolution
-- Vibrational Science
-- Ecology

Here we are fundraising to acquire a property in one of the most ecologically sound regions of France, on 150+ hectares of land adjacent to a national park, in order to build the first Terra Center, which will support individuals to live in ecology and develop transpersonal consciousness, through in-depth personalized retreats, vision quests in nature, educational programs, work stays and trainings in ecological techniques, and workshops with wisdom tradition leaders.

To do so, the Center will host retreats using a variety of modalities to support individuals to go beyond a personal outlook and discover a collective perspective.

The center will also implement ecological techniques and vibrational science to optimize land use and plant growth, cultivating an autonomous and sustainable way of life.

The property we have found is ideal for the center, as it has a fully renovated central stone house, three charming cottages, and ample barn space for workshops and ceremonies.

We intend to refashion the property into a completely ecological complex, by building a geothermal greenhouse in place of one of the two swimming pools on the property, redesigning the waste system to produce biogas, implementing a grey water reuse system, and constructing an observatory and eventually other residential buildings in mud-based construction. We also intend to restore biodiversity and reforest a grove of commercial pines using techniques learned from Wisdom Traditions.

Overall, the center will serve as a base where we will conduct research that can foster a culture of ecology and care, not only in France but also eventually in centers and communities around the world. Our goal is to first create this center as a world class retreat and research center that can guide individuals into transpersonal consciousness in harmony with nature, and can foster the growth of other communities and a global collective.

(n.b. Please ignore the "Porters Wood" location above; this is the location of our UK-based account. We are acquiring the property in France).


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£200 or more

Tibetan Bowl Healing

A personal Tibetan Bowl sound bath healing with Ira from our team.

£500 or more

Personalized Coaching

A personalized coaching session with our team.

£1,000 or more

3 Sessions of In-Depth Coaching

Three personalized coaching sessions to support you to overcome current challenges and open untapped potential in your life.

£1,500 or more

Weekend Session with Coaching, or Healing Workshop

You may come on the floor at a session anywhere in the world and will receive one coaching session ahead of time to help you prepare. Or, you may receive an in-depth healing with a variety of modalities from all of our team members, either in person or over distance.

£2,500 or more

Vision Quest

A one-day vision quest session on our property or potentially organized in the country of your residence.

£5,000 or more

Training in Ecology

2 trainings in beekeeping, permaculture, or another ecological training of your choice from experts and wisdom tradition leaders we will host.

£10,000 or more

Spiritual Growth Retreat

Two in-depth personalized retreats, or a retreat for two people, to support your spiritual growth via a variety of modalities.

£25,000 or more

In-depth Group Spiritual Retreat

Four in-depth personalized retreats in nature on our property, or a retreat for 4 people, to reconnect to your essential nature and open your spiritual abilities.

£50,000 or more

Longer Stay Retreat for Spiritual Growth

You will become a stakeholder in the property and will be invited along (with your significant other if they have completed a weekend session) to stay for up to 3 months to attend a number of workshops and immerse yourself in spiritual work and wellness activities.

£100,000 or more

Bespoke Support & Collaboration

You will become a stakeholder in the property and we will develop a bespoke offering for you.

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