Education support - book/travel to open days/equip

by Skylar in Reading, England, United Kingdom

Education support - book/travel to open days/equip
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I am raising money to help me this month so that I can start college studying Science and psychology and hope to go on to university.

by Skylar in Reading, England, United Kingdom

Hello, thank you to anyone reading and considering to help. My name is Skylar. This month I was given £26 to live on and in a few weeks I'm due to start college to study science and psychology. I'm hoping to further my education and get into university to study conservation/environmental studies and after experience in that sector I hope to again be a teacher in the future.

I've applied for bursaries and trusts but they can take months to come through. I've got 5 different university open days to go to for the next month and a half and haven't got fund to eat let alone travel to universities to find the right one.

Over time I have had waves of anxiety and depression, this last year has been a tough one and with winter coming I really want to conquer the seasonal wave and really put myself into something that will help me and my future as well as the environment and community. That's why I'm calling out the universe to help. I never thought I wouldn't be able to support myself like I'm not able to now but I'm hoping with a clear aim, coupled with passion and without the fear of asking for help I'll make it happen!!

What I've learnt the last 10 years is life really doesn't go to plan. It wasn't in my plan to live on food parcels and ask for help as previously I would be the one starting projects to aid healthy eating and be a role model for children in my community. However I feel that that's the nice thing about community, we all help each other when we in need. If you can help support my learning this month I'm giving you a big virtual hug and just remember you helped someone reach for their dreams and if you cant but wish you could I'm giving you an even bigger one!

Have a nice day

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