Education for all in remote part of Africa

Education for all in remote part of Africa

As a teacher, I am passionate about my job and beleive  in "Education for All" to make the world a better place. There are lots of...

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As a teacher, I am passionate about my job and beleive  in "Education for All" to make the world a better place. There are lots of remote villages in Liberia where education is no where near the least "failing" schools here in the United Kingdom. Since after the the Ebola epidemic outbreak I visited Liberia and travel thorugh treacherous roads to Konobo a very remote part of Liberia. Where education is seen as a golden opportunity for the "better off". The ebola epidemic between 2014 and 2015 created a lot of crisis in the education sector and children could no longer attend school due to the risk. This consequently caused a massive backlog of children returning back to school after the country was declared Ebola free.

Konobo Central High School is the only school  with a catchement area of over 23miles. Children walk very long distance to school and deserve to have access to basic school amenities when they arrive to school. Your support will go towards provising chairs and tables in the classrooms for pupils to sit down.  The supplier, transportation and school are all lined up . Each detachable chair and table will cost £15.

The Liberia Education system is struggling to cope with the many challenges: poor facilities, lack of trained teachers in classroom. Since 2016, I have been working in some of the poorest and most marginalised districts to help using Ipads/laptops and other educational resources: in addition to this I am providing specialist training both for teahers and Classroom support assistance.

In addition to the chairs and tables, This  summer I am launching "Bags for School" campaign, where I hope to provide 500 school bags to children who either lost thiers in the Ebola epidemic, or who never had them in the first place. The bags are well made, and contain books, pencils, a water bottle, a small Blackboard & chalk. I have already given 50 away as you would notice in the picture. Having seen the massive impact this had, I want to give more if we exceed our target for the chairs and desks.

If you can, please help give a Liberian child a chair and table to sit on this summer. For every donation, we will email you (or norminated person) a Thank you certificate, decorated with pictures drawn by Liberian Children and details of what your donation is purchasing. In addition, once the children have received your gift,you will be sent photos and videos of the event.

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