Education and Secure Status in Vietnam

by Shonet Zabrina Hockley in London, England, United Kingdom

Education and Secure Status in Vietnam


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Hello friends,My name is Shonet and I am the proud sister to Glenn Hockley, who is the subject of this campaign. I want to say at this point...

by Shonet Zabrina Hockley in London, England, United Kingdom

Hello friends,

My name is Shonet and I am the proud sister to Glenn Hockley, who is the subject of this campaign. I want to say at this point that EVERY penny raised will go towards paying my brother's tuition fees, and I will be providing evidence of this payment, as well as an adorable 'Thank You' video at the end of the campaign. Thank you in advance.

I am hoping to raise £6040 (or nearest best!) to pay for my brother's last year of university tuition, so he can graduate with a BSc in Business Administration. He is one of my favourite people on earth; hard-working, an incredible father to my gorgeous niece Lilly and a baby on the way, and devoted husband to Vivi. He has worked so hard over the last 10 years, but has been taken for an absolute ride by private interests in education.  


Here's his story:

Around 10 years ago Glenn moved to Vietnam where he met his now wife, my sister, Vivi. They started a life together - studying, working and building plans for the future. He got a job as a Super Youth teacher, imagine: a 6ft 4in friendly giant with curly hair and a big grin, teaching 5 year old Vietnamese children who love him for his sense of fun and gentleness. He has kept this job for the whole 10 years. Here is a little message from one of his students (28th Aug 2020):

"Yesterday was the last day I study at Super Youth Language School [...] I got to play UNO with my favorite people, you guys make everyday is a special day to me I love to spend time with you guys a lot. Remember all the time when we recorded, the playroom full of laughing. And for my favorite teacher, teacher Glenn [...], you're the greatest teacher [...]"



Alongside this commitment, Glenn and Vivi chose to get married so they could live at home with Vivi's family (as is tradition in Vietnam), and a few months later, we found out Lilly was going to bless all of our lives. 


In order to increase his chances of being able to settle in Vietnamese society and possibly bring his family to the UK, he chose to study a degree alongside his work. Seven years later he has not been able to graduate and has spent over 20,000USD in private education fees, to a university that has ripped him off over and over again. 

Glenn is a first clas1602710861_grade_g.pngs student, proving consistently that love and dedication to your cause can push you to achieve unimaginable things. He was writing his dissertation on customer service in hotels, and his aim is to open a school in Vietnam.

The private university he was studying at has refused to let him continue unless he keeps paying extortionate amounts of money (a subject for an article!), and Glenn has realised that he no longer wishes to line their pockets - they have undermined and offended him at every turn, and worked to extract as much money as possible out of him over the last 7 years. It has been a devastating blow to him after putting so much into this education so far, but he never gives up. For the last year he has researched and applied to many universities in the UK, asking to complete his final 120 credits at an institution that has integrity and is well regarded. Knowing that this degree will help him and his family on their way to independence, he is unrelenting in his efforts. As he has been abroad for so many years, working and raising a family, he has no rights in the UK for loans and has to pay foreign student fees.


In Vietnam, Glenn is not allowed to have a bank account, residency or any social services. Even though he and Vivi are married, he is unable to access the basic things he needs to support his own health and his family. This degree would enable him to secure a contract, a bank account, and insurance for himself and his family... and, put them on the path to freedom from insecure status. They cannot return to the UK without over 60,000GBP in savings, or a full-time contract paying over 20,000GBP per year. Glenn cannot secure either of these without this degree. Our family is fragmented and we feel helpless. They are being punished by bureaucracy and for being a mixed nationality family.


I worry about the health insurance. Two and a half years ago, I received a phone call in the early morning from my brother telling me that Vivi's sister, Uyen, had died. She was 24 years old. I flew the same day to Vietnam and looked after the baby (Lilly) whilst the family began their grieving. Theirs and our grieving has not ended and never will. Uyen died because she did not receive the care she needed. 


We are terrified that something like this will happen to my brother and the rest of the family, and now with Covid 19 moving around, our fear is acute. Glenn, Vivi and Lilly live in one room in the family home, where they stay so they can support the parents, and each other, having been through the most awful tragedy a family could endure. Lilly is bilingual, as is her mother, who is a fantastic English teacher, but the Vietnamese teachers earn pittance for working sometimes over 50 hours per week. My brother is really the only one that can up their earning potential, as Vivi is treated as a second 'class' citizen as a Vietnamese woman in work. My brother is a capable and dedicated person, stuck because he does not have tens of thousands of pounds or a few bits of paper proving his worth to both the UK and Vietnamese governments. 

The happy news is that Glenn has been accepted at Hertfordshire University, and he only needs to complete the final year of his course for this 8 year journey to finally provide them with the rewards they so deserve. If I had the money, I would give everything, but I don't and I need help. I know this amount is not much at all to some, but is the difference between this young man's hard-work and love paying off or not. With so many young people (men) nowadays living with depression and anxiety, I want to give this gift to him, so he can move forward with pride, grace and that little piece of paper that'll change their lives.

He has 14 days to pay. Please sponsor this life changing education!

ONLY 14 days


If you would like any other information, please contact me. 

I am a PhD researcher at Birkbeck University focussing on social cohesion, creative collaboration and ending violence towards women and children. All I want is for my brother to live his fullest life, the life he deserves having put so much into everything over the last 10 years. My hero. 

Let's make 'Education and Secure Status in Vietnam' happen

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