Education and Wellbeing for William

William is 13 and unable to attend school because he has overwhelming anxiety. We need to raise £8500 to fund his education and therapy.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 William is a typical 13 year old boy. He is clever and has a great sense of humour,  and has many talents. He plays piano, makes computer games and plays chess. He has great potential to achieve high in life, his ambition is to work in computing, but he has been very let down by the system and is now at a standstill.

He has high functioning autism, which makes it diffiult for him to communicate and socialise. High school didn't go very well for Will, he struggled with making friends, he spent a lot of time alone and he became very unhappy. He didn't get the help he needed because he was so quiet he went unnoticed. This caused him so much anxiety that he felt unwell all the time and eventually could no longer attend school.

He rarely leaves the house now, because of the problems he experienced he lost all confidence, he no longer goes out with his brother on his bike, or plays on his skateboard, he can't do parkour anymore and his friends have stopped calling round for him.

Red balloon learning centres offer a full package of support and education. For those who live too far from a centre like William they have an online package available. this includes teaching, starting 1-1 and building into small groups, a support worker to help him reintegrate with society, wellbeing sessions, trips and much more. The charity has been set up to help children who have had to leave school due to bullying or other trauma continue their education, heal from their experience and reintegrate into school and society. The charity literally changes young people's lives.

We need to raise £8500 for William to be able to attend Red Balloon for a year. The hope is that after a year he will be ready to return to mainstream education to start his GCSEs.

The local authority won't fund this and Will has not been able to access education for 7 months. He is receiving no support from mental health services because he falls into a bracket with no service in our area. This is because of his high functioning autism. He has been very let down by every statutory service. It has been a constant battle to try and get William help, and at every turn it's a closed door. 

To be able to reach our funding target would mean that William has the chance to recover his emotional health and wellbeing, access an education, have a normal life like other teenagers and to no longer be isolated. 

If 300 people were to back our project with £25 our goal would be met. I have 400 friends on my Facebook page, so it's not impossible. 

To be able to help William with this would make such a difference to his life, and we would be so thankful.