Education and therapy for K

by Robyn in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

Education and therapy for K


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I am very much hoping that I am able to raise £1,500 for the help my youngest Daughter needs.

by Robyn in Totnes, England, United Kingdom

I need some help! My youngest Daughter K is struggling A LOT. (She has asked me not to name her on this or show her photo), but for those of you who have met her..gone is the bouncy, happy-go-lucky girl we knew. 

She has been struggling tremendously at school this last year and a half. School cannot meet her needs and have put her on a reduced timetable, following several temporary exclusions. Given half a chance, I would homeschool her, but she is determined to go to school and 'get an education', even though when she is there it is incredibly obvious to everyone (but her) that she is in torment and not coping.

She is having lots of assessments at the moment, the results of which we should get around mid-June. She's had her ed psych assessment which shows her working memory is very poor (no wonder she can't cope at school, especially at a time when schools are all about results and high achievers). She also struggles with social interaction which she finds painful and confusing.

Her mental health has definitely suffered.She is struggling a lot in every direction as we navigate this path to guide her to a safe place mentally and physically.

I have found a therapy school for her to attend 2 days per week. She has been to visit and loves it..especially because they have dog therapy as well as other therapeutic interventions. Anyone that knows her knows her love and passion is dogs (especially her Dobby of course). When she came out of her trial day the other day, I knew it was the place for her..her eyes were like shining saucers and it was the most relaxed I've seen her in over a year.

So..this is what I am asking help get her into this school 2 days a week for this next half- term. School does not have the funds (it's beyond reasonable adjustments which they must make. It's cheaper for them to exclude her). The LA wont be able to pay until she receives her EHCP which she wont get soon enough for her to begin school.

So if anyone please can offer some financial help, we wold be extremely grateful. This situation has had quite an impact on us as a family and I haven't been able to do as much paid work as I would normally do. I am selling as much as possible on ebay and fb

..and if anyone would like a photoshoot for a donation, I would be quite happy to do that too. I do need to raise the money asap, but we can always schedule the date for later if you don't need one within the next 2 weeks!!!!

Thank you so much for helping and helping keep my beautiful girl safe and help her hopefully increase her self-esteem as well as learning valuable personal and social skills.

Robyn x

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