Education- career change

by Shelley Anne in Canvey Island, England, United Kingdom

Education- career change
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To be able to go on a 3 day course to learn about property investments, in detail.. From legal req/where to start -tax implications etc..

by Shelley Anne in Canvey Island, England, United Kingdom

My passion has always been property I have always wanted to get involved in it all from renovating, to interior design.. 

In 2014 i was diagnosed with eds 3 (enhlers danlos syndrome), severe depression, anxiety.. after my second child, I had dislocated my pelvis in labour.. I had always had joint problems but when I asked my gp it was always dismissed...  In 2016 I had a baby at 29weeks and was both very ill.. at her lowest was 2lbs 4oz.. she is now 2 and doing very well.. after her birth a few months later I had a breakdown.. then I had another child and was both very unwell, different reasons, but due to this he was 6 weeks early.. he is doing well now 1.

I feel due to my disability's so many people write you off, see the crutches and look away.. both my youngest are showing signs of this condition although I'm told they are too young to be diagnosed yet.. I want to do something to show all my kids it doesn't matter your ability, if you really try and work at it, your dreams and goals can happen! 

So my first step is to get enrolled in a 3 day course.. which is why I'm trying to raise the £1295. to pay for it, the course and travel.   After this I will be able to start my first purchase, making it into a home for people to rent.  (Starting with places like above pic, then doing into a lovely safe home again.  As I want to do this as a career.. the end dream is to have a business that my children will be able to run, for lifetimes to come, be very successful at it even if they are disabled.. 

Thank you for your time and your donations.. let's show the next generation disabilitys don't stop dreams happening! 

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