Educating/ inspiring children at Bonds meadow

Educating/ inspiring children at Bonds meadow

please help us raise funds for compost toilets & pond dipping platforms.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Bonds meadow community association & Butterflies of Britain education programme. 

We want to use the meadow/woodland site as a hub for the community & for educational events & visits. 

Bonds meadow is a beautiful seven acre site in the heart of Lowestoft Suffolk. 

It is home to a host of wildlife & currently is used by dog walkers. We wish to raise awareness of this beautiful site.

We want to have children use it for education. We want children to be aware of nature that is on their doorsteps & for them to be inspired to help it. 

We would like compost toilet facilities & to build a pond dipping platform to educate children and famillies on our event days.