Educating for health divestment in Europe

Healthy Planet UK are joining a Climate and Health summer school to engage European health workers in advocating for fossil fuel divestment!

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Project aim

Healthy Planet UK are joining a Climate and Health summer school to engage European health workers in advocating for fossil fuel divestment!

Who are we?

Healthy Planet UK is a student run network working on the links between climate change and health. We undertake a number of projects in education, advocacy and campaigning, and are affiliated to the global health charity Medsin UK. We have small groups across the country, and are led nationally by two coordinators: Alistair Wardrope and Eleanor Dow. Alistair and Eleanor are both medical students with a long standing interest in tackling climate change through education and campaigning. Eleanor was a key member of the Edinburgh University team whose relentless campaigning and direct action recently forced the University to make a U-turn on its previous rejection and commit to divestment from coal and tar sands, and both hae been heavily involved in the Fossil Free Health campaign. Alistair was a co-author of the report Unhealthy Investments: Fossil fuel investment and the UK health community, which was covered extensively in the media, referenced in Parliament and has contributed to the global health divestment debate, whose successes thus far include divestment decisions from the British Medical Association, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine.

What do we need help with?

As coordinators of Healthy Planet UK, Alistair and Eleanor have been invited to deliver a session on the relevance of the fossil fuel divestment campaign in health institutions at the Barcelona Global Health Summer School on climate and health co-organised by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, the International Federation of Medical Students (IFMSA) and AECS from 12th-19th July. The conference will involve sessions from global experts in the field of climate change and health, giving an in depth overview of current areas of research and advocacy. Our workshop will provide a toolkit for health professionals and medical students to advocate for fossil fuel divestment in their own regional and national healthcare institutions.

The current focus of HP UK has been on the Fossil Free Health campaign in the UK, and this project is critical in mobilising a global network working on this issue. Fossil fuel divestment is an important step towards meaningful climate action, and we would like to ensure that health organisations and medical students around the world are equipped to take leadership. With the climate talks in Paris at the end of this year there is a real opportunity to ensure the health impacts of climate change and health benefits of climate action are reinforced and acted upon to ensure a sustainable and healthy future.


Cost Breakdown

Travel - £100 (Eleanor) + £100 (Al)

Conference fee- £180 (Eleanor) + £150 (Al)



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