In one year edpsy.org.uk has had an incredible reach and we want to keep delivering interesting and thought-provoking content for EPs.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

edpsy.org.uk is one year old!

(I know, we can't believe that it's gone that fast either...)

As a small team we've learnt a lot and had quite a bit of fun working to deliver something which we think EPs and interested parties from around the world enjoy. We want to grow and improve the website and need a bit of help to do this.

In the first year we've managed quite a bit:

What we want to raise funds for

Everything that happens to make edpsy.org.uk run smoothly happens because our small team are passionate about the work we do. We give up our own time and get no recompense (apart from that warm glow knowing people have enjoyed a particular article). Similarly, all our writers have generously donated their own time to create incredible blog and feature articles for us...for you! Without them, there would be no edpsy.org.uk!

Behind this goodwill, there are logistical and technical costs that keep the actual website running. This is the boring stuff like paying for the domain name and web-hosting. Unfortunately the company that provides the technology to keep the nuts and the bolts oiled is not a charity. So far these costs have been met by Dan (the founder of edpsy.org.uk). As the website grows it is becoming unsustainable for one person to meet these costs alone.

We're raising funds so that we can:

  • Renew the domain name of the website for two years (the domain is 'edpsy.org.uk')
  • Continue to have our website hosted with the current company we use, for two years (this company provides the technologies, services, support and updates to enable to the website to be viewed on the internet)
  • Expand and develop our events calendar service. We recognise that getting events on the calendar isn't as easy as it should be so we want to license the technology (for two years) that will allow you to:
    • Add your own events directly to the site (no more google forms)
    • Generate tickets for your events and manage attendee lists
    • Sell tickets to your events through our site
    • Use expanded and more useful search facilities in the calendar

We really hope you think that edpsy.org.uk is worth it. Every little helps (...we hope there's no copyright infringment saying that...). £1, £2, or £3 a person would be a fantastic amount and make all the difference.

Huge thanks,

Dan, Emily & Rich