Edinburgh stairwell

Edinburgh stairwell

I am hoping to raise funds to renovate a beautiful but dilapidated Bonnington Stairwell.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Edinburgh is a stunning city with impressive architecture. However, many of its buildings are falling into disrepair as unscrupulous landlords turn a blind eye to renovations or the high turnover of tenants/ homeowners mean people don't tend to stick around long enough to invest in restoring stairwells and front doors which is an expensive, if worthwhile, project. 

I have lived in my current flat for 7 years. When I first arrived there were 3 octogenarians and one nonogenarian living in the block. Some had been born there while others had parents and grandparents before them who had lived all their lives at that address. They often spoke with sadness at the state of the stairwell which, despite the obvious squalor and neglect, showed vestiges of a former, grander life.... 

Inspired by their tales spanning decades and moved by the past in their eyes I attempted on more than one occasion to get quotes from painters and knock on doors. To no avail...The elderly were willing but, on life long tenancy agreements and meagre pensions, understandably ill-equipped to foot the bill. Other, more recent residents were unperturbed by the state of the stairs - they had nothing to compare them to after all..... A small handful were tentatively agreeable to sprucing up the heritage on their doorstep - it would add to the value of their property after all - but only if everyone else did. After a while, I gave up. 

The 4 old timers have sadly passed, without ever seeing their stairwell restored to its former glory, something that makes me a little sad every time I pass one of their dusty doorsteps covered in cobwebs and flaking paint, remembering how their eyes shone when they talked about the past...

So, I would like to try and finally raise some funds to return this historic piece of tenement life to its former glory, so that I too, in 50 years time can reminisce about the good old days when the stairwell escorted me out in style or welcomed me lovingly home. It may be too late for previous generations but it is never too late to create new memories. 

Can you help me fulfil this dream?