Outdoor Classroom in our Edible Woodland Garden

Our project is to build an outdoor classroom + kitchen using wood from our community woodland and demonstrating natural building techniques.

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This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 12:00pm 25th September 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 12:00pm 25th September 2018

The Findhorn Hinterland Trust already gets people on the land learning about conservation and their local environment. Our Edible Woodland Garden, aka a Food Forest, takes it a step further in demonstrating how people can grow perennial and annual fruit, vegetables and nuts by mimicking a forest ecosystem. 

This project will help us to deepen our work, learning and educational impact by creating a sheltered outdoor space that can be used all year round as a teaching space. A place to shelter when the rain starts. A place where people can warm up by sitting on the rocket stove bench.  

Our high dream, part of the stretch goal, is to incorporate a simple field kitchen so produce from the garden can be harvested, prepared and eaten in this fabulous outdoor setting while reinforcing the relationship between land and humans and building a greater sense of local community.

We'd like to start building the timber structure in September 2018, and if we meet our stretch goal we'll be making the earthen rocket stove & kitchen next Spring. For both building phases, we welcome people to come along, watch and join in. We'll put updates of project work days on the Findhorn Hinterland Trust website - findhornhinterland.org. 

You'll notice we haven't added any rewards - we're hoping that that seeing the classroom take shape is reward enough. 

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