Platform for "Young Entrepreneurs" which will help to reach their goals and learn fascinating things about business.

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EDGE ENTERPRISE is a community for Young Entrepreneurs.

We refer to ourselves as young business developers and our main issue always was lack of necessary skills and business partners.

We all know and understand that we need a good team to run a successful business.

Business is a team game and run it on your own can be very exhausting, stressing and very time consuming, therefore very inefficient and cannot last long. 

EDGE ENTERPRISE - is a Website where people can share their business ideas, get valuable feedback on their projects, find partners for their business and attract some small investments for their start ups.


Also this Platform has three main areas of study that all Young Entrepreneurs need in order to set up their own business:


- Accounting

- Economics

Each of these areas divided by two sectors: Intermediate Level and Advance Level


Currently we have developed a Business Intermediate level and other courses are still at the development stage. 

This course has 5 topics in order to give you a solid basement about business.

Those topics are: Business Environment, Marketing, Accounting, Organisational Structure and Operation Management.

Each topic has 20 to 35 pages on average. The key difference of these courses are high use of practical examples.

We want to make sure you're not just know these but also can apply these knowledge in real life.


Also, we're working really hard to create a practise page to help you to test your knowledge and build up your confidence.

Another feature of our Platform is customer support, where all clients can ask any questions about courses or order a special online-tutorial for FREE.