Help Us Take Viva Hypnosis To Edinburgh!

Help Us Take Our One-Of-A-Kind Full-Production Interactive Hypnosis Show To The Biggest Arts Festival In The World: The Edinburgh Festival!

We did it!

On 3rd Aug 2016 we successfully raised £215 with 6 supporters in 56 days

*Insert Hypnotist voice here*…”You Will Read This And Donate…” ;)


We have been given the trance of a lifetime (see what we did there?!) to take the UK’s first and only full-production, interactive comedy hypnosis show, Viva Hypnosis to the biggest arts festival in the world!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us to showcase the show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we have been given a confirmed run at the amazing ZOO Venues.

If you haven’t seen Viva Hypnosis, it’s the UK’s only full-production, interactive hypnosis show, incorporating, dance, lights and projections. It’s pretty impressive as you can see from the trailer video here and the photos on this page…

The Show itself, features Simon, the Hypnotist and two dancers, Michelle and Rachael.

We are completely self-funded…and since creating and touring our show we have achieved amazing things, a small UK theatre tour, national press attention and invitations to perform as part of regional festivals…all by saving up funds from our other work and sheer hard work and determination to get it off the ground.



Why It’s So Special:

When creating Viva, we aimed to shake up the perceptions of ’normal’ hypnosis shows and make them a whole lot more entertaining for everybody. We wanted to get rid of all the ‘old hat’ stuff that people may expect and pushing the boundaries with what can be achieved on stage during a stage hypnosis show.



Viva is NOT just a Hypnotist on stage with 12 chairs…We’ve adding energetic dance numbers and totally original choreography, dazzling lights, creative costumes, hand-clapping music, mesmerising projections and colourful props to bring the stage to life. Adding a story and a real theme and really putting the ‘show’ back into stage hypnosis ‘show’.

We’re able to give our volunteers an opportunity to experience something truly unique and essentially live out their dreams on stage! The only limit is their own imaginations!



Why We Need You…(And Love You!)

 Taking a show to Edinburgh is an expensive undertaking, but a huge, once in a lifetime opportunity.

We're really proud of ourselves. But taking a full-production show and team to Edinburgh is a BIG undertaking...and there are HUGE costs associated with it...accommodation, transport, expenses for our team, as well as marketing and advertising are all MASSIVE costs…



But we have been given an amazing confirmed offer for the wonderful ZOO venues for the entire run...who can accommodate our HUGE show and we couldn't be happier! 

This really is a chance of a lifetime for us and a massive opportunity to get the show seen by more people than we could ever have hoped for in one place, get great exposure and really take it to the next level.



We've spent a long time fundraising for this from our other work and are nearly there! BUT we do need a bit of help to finish the job and cover our ever mounting expenses. 

Just £1 can buy Rachael a bottle of ketchup that she will use for the whole run.

Just £25 can buy Michelle a new sports bra

Just £50 can help Simon in Stitch maintenance……

On a serious note, without the backing of a big promoter, its incurably hard and expensive to take a show the the festival and we have pretty much done the hard bit, we’ve got the offer, we’ve got an awesome show…and now its time to take this to next level…



One of only a couple of hypnosis shows ever to have made it to the Fringe, we are immensely proud to have been selected this year…


So, we would really appreciate anything that you can spare to help take #VivaHypnosis to Edinburgh and achieve our #VivaHypnosis dream.



You Can Become a Hypno Hero!

 By helping us, know that you are truly a Hypno Hero. Every investment helps towards our goal, no matter how big or small, we are extremely grateful for your support... And there's some AWESOME REWARDS in exchange for your help...ranging from your name being featured in print in a book, to the girls teaching you dancing and me Simon even teaching you the art of Hypnosis in a private masterclass! :) Check out our rewards here for more details...and choose your favourite... As I said, we really are extremely grateful! 




Other ways you can help:

You can also massively help us by sharing this campaign with your friends and colleagues and spreading the word on social media about our Edinburgh run.



Twitter: @Simonwarner




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