Help Eden and Costa

Help Eden and Costa

Raise funds for feeding and housing two beautiful Rankins Lizards, Eden and Costa who came to us just 50% of the weight they should be!.

We did it!

On 29th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £2 with 1 supporter in 42 days

Please help me raise funds to fatten these two beautiful Rankins Lizards up and give them a great home.

Raising funds for

  • Worms, Hoppers, Crickets, Veg
  • 2 x vivariums. They need one each as we ave a male and female who need space from each other.
  • Light and Heat setup for each vivarium
  • Any other bills for Eden and Costa (vet/calcium/vitamins/enrichment)

These are our first pets as a family, we re-homed them as a full setup with nothing else needed. We knew very little of keeping lizards, a weeks looking at web pages at Leopard Geckos and then we came home with these! Took us 2 days to find out we had .....

  • 2 males who turned out to be one male and one female roughly half the weights they should be!
  • a small 2ft x 1 1/2 ft viv
  • a heat mat
  • NO UVB light
  • NO basking light

We went over to our local Reptile shop who have been brilliant with help and advice. Turns out they had a pair of healthy female Rankins Lizards in and they weighed in at roughly 100g each (one just above, one just below) my two weighed in at 47g and 53g (Wednesday) so roughly 50% of the weight they should be.

We really need your help. 

Any help you can give would be great.

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