ED.GE wireless controlled motorised dolly

ED.GE wireless controlled motorised dolly

The ED.GE remote controlled dolly is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for either personal or professional use. When I...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 The ED.GE remote controlled dolly is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment for either personal or professional use. When I started designing the ED.GE dolly my thinking was practicality and integration to existing Internet social video/communication services thereby creating an unsurpassed visual experience for various industries.

The ED.GE RF wireless motorized dolly.


The dolly is operated by 12v DC power, wireless 433 Mhz radio frequency controller/receiver and transmitter. The four main functions are as follows: forward, reverse, tilt up and tilt down mode with the possibility of an additional function which will operate mini telescopic mast ( extension from 280 mm up to 1000 mm ). 

RF controller

Forward and reverse 12v dc RF 433 Mhz long range wireless controller ensures immediate and smooth operation of up to 50 meters in an open environment. The transmitter size is very compact measuring less than a regular box of matches.

The unit and its construction 

To ensure a solid construction and somewhat rugged look, the ED.GE remote controlled dolly was fully assembled using square aluminum sectional tubing and ABS joints thereby allowing for faster assembly. The aluminum structure itself is light, sturdy. 


Forward and reverse function 

The dolly can move either: 

1, In a straight line with a lateral view

2, in a semi-circular or fully circular pattern with the camera lens focusing on the object/s in the center.

3, In a semi-circular or fully circular pattern with the camera lens focusing on the object/s outside of the diameter. 
The semi and full circular movement are created by manual adjustments to the front and back supporting wheels, creating circular movement. 



The smallest recorded radius is 500 millimeters with the camera lens to the object which is 365 millimeters apart. The largest working dolly diameter is approx. 7.5 to 8 meters.

Tilt function


Upward and downward movement is fully supported by two powerfully geared silent 12v dc low RPM motors in the custom made tilt head thereby providing fluid movement. The attainable variance of +40 to -30 degree tilt ensures more than adequate vertical area coverage.

The power supply

This is one of the most important elements of designing the ED.GE dolly. The dolly is operated by a long lasting, powerful ( 6800 Mah.) rechargeable battery pack. For more demanding lengthy use I have installed two of them allowing for a much longer work time before recharging.

The dolly's movement 

Forward and backward movement is generated by 2 x 12v dc high torque motors with 100 Rpm providing close to 9kg / cm force achieving smooth movement and an optimum speed.


One of the many possibilities and uses of the ED.GE dolly would be to assist sport Instructors / trainers / educators and their clients by adding more visual detail and dimension during live or recorded instructional broadcasts. The ED.GE dolly can be operated by either the user or second party in any open area up to 50 meters distance.

Technical specifications

W: 20.5 cm
L: 40 cm
H: 26 cm
Weight: 2.4 KG ( 2400 gm ) 
Power: 12V DC
Motors: 2 x 12V DC geared 100 RPM and 2 x 12V DC geared 3 RPM
Control: Long distance RF 433 Mhz Wireless controller with transmitter
Tilt mechanism: fully motorized with +40% to -30% tilt
Steering wheels adjustment: +- 30%

Note: The mobile camera dolly is protected by International copyright.

The current ED.GE dolly fully is a functional prototype which is equipped with RF 433 Mhz controller allowing for 4 the main functions.

For optimal performance should be used on a smooth surface such as hardwood or laminate flooring, linoleum, gym rubber flooring, smooth concrete or asphalt. Uneven or rough surfaces may add unnecessary strain on motors resulting in either premature wear and tear or a permanent damage.

In the future we are looking at to work on an upgraded model which will eliminate the above issue.

The tilt head has primarily been designed for private and semi-commercial use, allowing for mobile phone screen sizes of up to 6 inches for the purposes of recording or live broadcasting thereby ensuring the user far more flexibility and creativity then most gadgets currently on the market.

Depending on the manufacturer and model, the phone may have to be slightly adjusted in the tilt head holder enabling front facing camera is as close to the center of ED.GE dolly.

The camera holder is intended specifically for the above mentioned mobile phone screen sizes only. However, the tilt head mount can be customized to hold a 7 inch tablet, lighter video or action cameras by special order.

The minimal working diameter - The dolly's ability to perform 360 degree recorded or live video in a 1 meter diameter is not recommended, unless A: The smart mobile phone lens is fully in the center with the dolly's base. B: filming a small object in an elevated position at least 15 cm from the base or ground.

RF Wireless Controller - The controller operates by connecting and disconnecting relays creating a minor clicking noise.