Eczema Skin care

by Penelope in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

Eczema Skin care


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The is to fund placing the oil on the market to further the range from its profits and further help individuals gain access to the oil.

by Penelope in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

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1617905690_case_study_2_.jpgMy family have struggled with Eczema.  It was by accident that I found a method that works.  I grew up in a British Colony in the Mediterranean and in those days we didn't have mobile phones.  Digital distractions were at a minimum so I found myself reading through medicinal plant encyclopaedias a lot of the time.  I enjoyed playing doctor and trying to heal Mum's Eczema.  It wasn't till the Eczema skipped a generation that I eventually found a method that worked. It was only when my 5 year old nephew started asking me to make it for him that I realised I had developed something meaningful as after all, your best critique is the honesty of a child!   The product has developed greatly over the years and I have managed to get it bottled  keeping its natural botanical state.

 I have helped many people from 5 years to over 60s.  I have so far funded my work in helping others personally but its slow progress getting it ready for sale.  The barriers are always the same - no time, no money, have time but no money and life's challenging twists and turns! 

 The product needs to be certified in order for it to be sold safely and legally.  I then stumble with the costs of the  legalities of patenting, retesting if it fails the first go, branding, bottling, packaging, safe manufacturing practise premises, sampling, certified scales, the cost of the ingredients at a greater scale, company registration....  Its all too overwhelming to think that I could carry on, on a small scale helping where I can when there are 5.7 million individuals stuggling with the condition in the U.K.

My aim is to get the legalities seen to for the concentrated oil and place that for sale online.  From the profits of the concentrated version I will create a full Skin Care range deriving from the oil.  From the profits of the full Skin Care range I will then look into setting up a treatment clinic.  It is my long term view to develop a system/charity where everyone can have access to the concentrated oil regardless of income but, for now, the priority is to get the ready for sale.  The oil is botanical with no perfume, it only uses natural aromas so if you are lucky enough to try it some day expect a natural and earthy scent full of nature's beautiful healing power!

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