Ecotourism Development in Java, Indonesia

Ecotourism Development in Java, Indonesia

I am raising funds so that I can conduct research on ecotourism in Java, Indonesia between May and July of 2017.

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On 28th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £230 with 7 supporters in 14 days

This summer, I will be conducting research in Java, Indonesia on the feasibility of ecotourism development. Ecotourism is is way to keep tourism eco-friendly while also benefitting local communities and reducing negative impacts to wildlife. I will be working with the Little Fireface Project, which is an Indonesian charity working toward the conservation of slow lorises. Slow lorises are nocturnal and are the only venemous primates in the world! I am hoping with my project to help this organisation to be self-sustaining while also providing a high level of engagement for tourists. Participants would spend two weeks assisting in nocturnal research at LFP, attending community conservation activities, and visiting other wildlife rescue centres to learn about conservation. During my time in Java, I will conduct interviews with stakeholders at each site to determine how tourism can be developed in a sustainable way. 

The money raised here will go specifically towards my travel to Indonesia and accommodation at LFP. I greatly appreciate anything you have to give!! I have some rewards courtesy the Little Fireface Project that you will be entitled to at varying levels of donation. I only have 20 of each item so order fast! It will request your address but most items will be hand-delivered to save on shipping costs. PayPal can be accepted but direct debit/credit card payments are preferred. Please note that if you are ordering from the US you may not receive your items until September! 

All donations: An LFP sticker

At least 10 pounds ($13): A Slow Loris Forest Protector children's book

At least 15 pounds ($18) : A hand-dyed Sudanese scarf 

At least 20 pounds ($25): A slow loris plushie 

You can view these items at You may receive one of any of the items less expensive than your donation upon request. Terima kasih!

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