Ecotopia: A Sustainable Vision for a Better Future

Ecotopia is a multi-sensory installation exploring visions of a sustainable and better future.

We did it!

On 8th Sep 2016 we successfully raised £3,610 of £3,600 target with 78 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Now we have reached our initial target, we aim to raise as much money as possible to ensure we can take Ecotopia to other locations around the UK and beyond! After all, climate change is a global problem and we are all in this together!

What is Ecotopia?

Ecotopia is a multi-sensory installation celebrating 500 years of utopian thinking. It explores ecological Utopian thinking to create a sustainable and better future for our planet and society. The Ecotopia project has brought together creatives from diverse fields to explore an ecologically sustainable society.

The Problem

Climate change is recognised as the most urgent issue facing the Earth today, and we must tackle it to ensure our planet’s survival. The challenge facing us is to develop an ecologically sustainable vision for future generations supported by a majority of today’s population. We are in this together.


The Goal

We believe a sustainable future can be created from our shared commitment to shape public opinion. Ecotopia is a contribution to this discussion. Utopian thinking is actually a form of criticism because it postulates that which has not been attained Rather than offering mere speculations, Ecotopia will showcase the visions of leading scientists, academics, philosophers, designers and architects who are engaged with climate change and creating sustainable solutions.

The Ecotopia installation will consist of a surrounding framework, displaying large illustrations, and a floor covered in bark chippings with a central, rammed-earth structure with plants growing in it. Visitors will be prompted to consider how realistic their expectations of climate change and sustainable living really are. It is vital that we hold out a vision of Ecotopia so people can imagine a new life beyond consumption and unbridled growth.

This exciting and ground breaking installation has been selected as a featured exhibit by the organisers of the London Design Festival at their Brompton Design District, from 17-25 September 2016, provided we can obtain the funding required to build it.

Your Involvement

Be part of a new global movement. Help us to fund the creation of this installation as a demonstration of your commitment to a sustainable future. We have already managed to obtain the support and ideas of leading experts and creatives, and now we need your help to raise awareness of this project, to donate funds and to attract more donors.

Your contributions will help us to create an impact among the visitors to the London Design Festival by informing them of the problems that climate change will cause if not tackled in time, and new possibilities for sustainable living. 

Climate change and our future is a vast problem. Our problem. This is your chance to become part of the solution.

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