Ecobrick Training of Trainers in the UK

by The Watercress Queen in Blackfield, England, United Kingdom

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Be proactive in managing the capture of existing single-use plastics (SUP) and keeping it safely out of our biosphere!

by The Watercress Queen in Blackfield, England, United Kingdom

Appalled by Hugh and Anita's BBC programme "War on Plastic"?  Want to help change things? Although not the solution, ecobricks provide a way of taking personal responsibility for your own plastic usage by creating a usable building material which, if made correctly, could last 300 to 400 years (and be used over and over again).

We want to raise funds to allow anyone who is passionate about helping the environment access this training - irrespective of their own financial position. 

Two of the main ecobricks creators, Russell Maier and Ani Hamiwati, are coming to the UK (from their home in Indonesia) to deliver two 3-day training weekends in July.  This is an amazing opportunity to become a recognised ecobrick trainer, able to deliver training to the wider public and communities.

My name is Lucie Mann  - I am known online as The Watercress Queen. I run New forest Aquaponics CIC which is a regenerative project working with aquaponics and ecobricks to bring about social change.

Ecobricks are becoming a new buzz word in the UK as something to do with all that non-recyclable plastic that we see so much of these days - we have a feeling that it's about to buzz even louder very soon! Most of us know there is a plastic problem but sometimes we aren't sure what the best thing is to do with it. If we do know, we might not be sure why. There seem to be many options and choices, recent TV programmes have highlighted the need for caution. Ecobricks are unusual, quirky even. It is a people movement that started with a seed of an idea, a plastic seed that didn't fit into the earth's natural cycles. Nurtured by a love for the environment, it grew into the concept it is today; a worldwide community of interest, people with a love for the planet, a deep sense of making lasting connections with others in their local area, and wanting to care for the plastic we have in our lives today. Those actions are changing the world; we can now all hold our personal impact on the biosphere in our own hands.  The energy and passion of teaching ecobrick trainers worldwide is driven by Russell Maier and Ani Himawati. They have worked hard to instill the ecobricking principles with their personal passion and amazing enthusiasm along an amazing journey to where we are today - and now you can play your part! Russell and Ani are running two Training of Trainers sessions in the UK in July 2019.  We are really honoured to receive them as guests and look forward to the change that will bring.

Want to know more about ecobricks? Have a look here .---> This is the website of the Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA).

I was the first certified ecobrick trainer in the UK along with my son Robert.  We had started to make ecobricks in order to build at our aquaponic farm - building a compost toilet as well as our community. We chose to do the training to help us get the ecobricks and the building right. What we hadn't taken into account were all the other amazing things we would learn and just how life-changing it would be. 

Learning how to rethink our relationship with plastic so it becomes something of value, so it will no longer harm our biosphere as well as learning how to ignite communities - something we are really lacking in the UK right now.  It is a very different way of thinking, something that is needed to help the war on plastic right now

As an ecobrick trainer, we hold workshops in communities, workplaces, and schools to pass on the whys and hows of ecobricks.  This happens all over the world but in the UK so far there are only 14 of us and we just can't meet the demand! Our aim with this crowdfunding is to get 100 more ecobrick trainers in the UK by the end of July. 

Russel Maier ( and Ani Himawati are visiting the UK to deliver the very first two in-person ecobrick Trainer of Trainer courses to be held in the UK.  All of the trainers so far have completed on-line training, but we know this is not as good as connecting in person. 

The training courses take place over 3 intense days of learning as a group. We will be holding one in the New Forest and one in North Wales.  Each venue will have places for 50 people. 

With your help, we would like to make this as accessible as possible for everyone by offering subsidized places for as many people as possible. This is what we are asking help with. £150 will cover the costs for one person to attend a training weekend.  

If we can raise enough to cover the costs for all 100 trainers, we will then be able to arrange more courses to train more people.  The next one would be in Scotland, followed by an Earth and ecobrick building 5-day course, to teach working with cob and ecobricks.

By having ecobrick trainers in every community, we will be able to help (on a very deep level) communities become plastic-free. 

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