Ecobay Ecological Farming

Ecobay Ecological Farming

We are currently setting up an ecological farm near Ballymoney. We aim to provide a commercially viable alternative to industrial farming.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Ecobay is currently researching and demonstrating ecological agricultural techniques on  a 4 acres piece of land that was purchased on February 2016 and is currently  being set for crop and animal production.

We are using proven agroecological techniques such as crop rotations, no-till farming, animal integration and agroforestry.

These techniques have a long record of worldwide applications, and are proven to result in improved productivity by area unit and better quality produce,  but traditionally, they have had very limited commercial potential, mostly due to the amount of labour required.

We are trying to make use of a deeper ecological understanding and of the commercial potential of the internet to overcome these limitations. We want to develop a commercially viable alternative to the industrial model of farming, with the advantage that our model is sustainable and will actually improve the environment in terms of climate change, biodiversity and soil erosion.

You can find more information about our techniques and our management systems by visting the wikipedia page on agroecology or by visitng our projects' web page. The links are provided below.