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The aim of my project is to build a fully mobile cordless 12v car valeting and detailing system that can fit in most boots of cars lesswater

by Adam Millward in Burnley, England, United Kingdom

Hi firstly like to say thank you for looking at my page.i am hard working family guy father of 4 and husband I have a passion for cars few years ago I cam up with a system to valet cars mobile with no transport to carry my equiptment so I made my own it was a basic system but hardwork to carry around now i have a car so my idea is to build a 100% cordless and 12v system that fits nicely in the boot of most cars if not all cars or even on push bike bus or anything really the money will go towards building my system from jet washer to Hoover to power sauce and products i know 100% this system works and the results are amazing many people think you need high pressure washer to wash your car well there wrong it only takes upto 3 ltrs of water to wash your car twice that's alot of water saving my system is also cordless or 12v so no need for petrol fumes either or any harmful chemicals all the products are environmental friendly and no run off the car so nothing will get in the drains or rivers.The idea is to either hopefully sell the system worldwide to almost anybody businesses valets retailers and even people who have no access to running water or power I.e somebody who lives in a block of flats apartments or somebody who's cars a bit of distance to the house like mine this system is great way to save you money time and the enviroment once my system is built I will upload videos on my YouTube channel and social media so all can be seen working for people that buy my system all will include free 1 days training on how to use it and how to detail and valet your car.


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