Eco Market

Eco Market

We want to change people's life.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We want to change people's life.

Our idea is create shop online with bio/eco/natural goods, - NO GMO ! Every sigle product certified  ( including goods for diabetics, gluten free etc ), cleaning and laundry products, natural cosmetics with no parabens, SLS. Goods for children ( food, nappies, toys, etc )supplements and products like cannabis oil/Fitline - which really helps people with different serious health conditions. 

We want to create this shop as an international one. for anyone over the world. Our products are from all world as well which is great for people live abroad.

I would like to open shop in Edinburgh ( Scotland) in near future. 

My idea for this HEALTHY products came from my epilepsy.

I suffer from epilepsy since I was 13. I was on medical treatments but it affects me very strong and bad. 

One day I decided to go through my life and find other way. I started research about natural , no gmo food, supplements and cosmetics which can help me - and calm down my epilepsy. 

I have started from change my daily food, cosmetics, then I tried hemp oil which helped me a lot.  When I was younger I was on holiday to visit my family. My aunt had skin cancer before. She refused all medications and treatments from the doctor and hospital and decided to cure by herself. She is very religion person. She was praying every single day, couple of times a day. She rescued herself by Fitline products and Larens products.  Cancer is really complicated health condition but I do believe if you find what is wrong in your body and "repair" that, there is no doctor needed.  Cancer is because your body does not work right. It is an information for you that you need to change something. Through all life, how we live and what we eat - food do have GMO and other specific things which affect on your body really bad. Thats why your body is telling you that you need change.  You need to do detox for your all body and get all toxic things away. 

I want to have in my shop energetic mat which can bring back your right body energy. Sounds weird?  Try to do research on google. I know it is sounds unbelievable - but IT IS WORKING.

Larens cosmetics - natural COLLAGEN and FITLINE- nutritional supplements.

I really want to prove that we can eat /or use eco, healthy , no gmo , and certified products which are really similat price that products which really accets on your all body so bad. 


WHY there is so many sick people? 

Antibiotics in meat, GMO in food, parabens sls silicones in cosmetics which are not good for allergics

This world need to see that there is GOOD food on this world !


minimise risk of cancer and other health issues 

its everything in your body - you just need to listen carefully