Eco-library for children at mindfulness school

Give children an eco-library to provide an engaging and motivational place for little mindful minds to learn and realise their potential.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


"Mindfulness helps me calm down and I'd love a place to go and meditate, read or have some time out" 
- Student, aged 11 

Children at The Dharma Primary School need an outdoor library facility to create further space in the main building.  The school doesn't currently have a dedicated library learning area so we are looking to build a perfect learning environment made especially for children. 

The importance of sustainability in education means we are looking for a timber building, keeping up-to-date with advances in construction and sustainable technology.  We want to create this outdoor facility to create further space in the main building. Used as a new library and reading area, it will have two small group teaching spaces, enough to fit 20 students. 

"The children’s learning behaviours are excellent throughout"
- David Thomson, Former Schools Inspector

A versatile outdoor eco-library is needed for The Dharma Primary School to accommodate their school’s growth.  The space will be safe, playful and versatile, used for a range of teaching and recreational activities appropriate for the age range of our students while serving as a fun and inspiring idyll for students.  

The building is needed to complement the school’s grounds while providing a secure and entertaining space for early years and primary learning.  We also intend to open the eco-library to the community on weekends as a space for mindfulness courses and workshops. 


"A foundation for all-round excellence, with mindfulness at its heart" 
- Clare, Head Teacher

The Dharma Primary School in Brighton, is a non-selective independent school and welcomes children aged 3-11 from all backgrounds, faiths and abilities. Our philosophy is rooted in Buddhist principles and for more than 20 years we have successfully integrated a holistic ethos with an excellent academic education. Through the practice of mindfulness, the school aims to cultivate wisdom, reflection and compassion in children and to help them unlock their full potential.

We are a small community school and nursery, with skilled and committed staff, where children excel in a safe, secure and nurturing environment. We provide a quality academic education informed by the National Curriculum, but with the flexibility and creativity to respond to the children’s needs, talents and interests. Children develop confidence, motivation and a love of learning enabling them to do well academically and to make a successful transition to local independent and state secondary schools.

Through our Buddhist-based ethos and daily meditation and mindfulness practice, we encourage children to cultivate focus, self-reflection, wisdom and compassion. Buddhism is not taught as a ‘faith’, but as a set of principles and tools for living a productive and fulfilling life.