Eco Holiday Retreat
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We want to create an eco-holiday retreat offering sustainable accommodation and entertainment to both locals visitors.

by Eco holiday retreat in Ainthorpe, England, United Kingdom

Both my partner Rachael have two daughters who are aged 4 years and 6 weeks old.

We have experience in running businesses in the catering sector and haulage industry and have come to the realization that our current businesses are environmentally unsustainable.  

We have decided that we must make a change to the way we live in order to contribute to reversing the environmental impact we have on the Earth. 

The UK government has pledged to create a zero net emissions economy and movements such as extinction rebellion have highlighted the need to make a difference.  

We are by no means eco-warriors or typical tree-hugging activists but we do recognize the necessity to make a change, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

We have sourced several packets of land up to £50,000 that would offer several acres that would be suitable for sustainable holiday and entertainment activities.  

All land options are accessible by road and have large towns and tourist centre nearby.

We intend to offer sustainable entertainment every week of the year.  This would range from solar or wind powered open-air cinemas and sports fanzones during the summer months to themed seasonal events during the winter months.

Year round camping would be offered in purpose build eco-glamping pods, sheltered tent pitches and caravan stands. 

We would offer basic sustainable amenities in the form of composting toilets, freshwater showers that have heated by solar and wind power with as much water being provided by cleaned and distilled captured rainwater.

Due to the rural location of the proposed sites, designated areas would be allocated for sustainable food production to provide food for visitors.  This would include large polytunnels for vegetable production, beehives for honey that will help the countryside by maintaining the bee population, small animal holdings for eggs, cheese, milk etc.  

All  produce would be used to provide food to visitors.  Meat would be sourced from local farmers to reduce food miles.  

The real fun will be found in the sustainably powered craft brewery that will ensure a more than adequate suppLy of beer, cider and spirits like gin and vodka.

We want to create a great social environment in a purpose build “party pagoda” where all the produce from the land will be enjoyed by all. 

So, what can we offer you as a partner in our crowdfunding dreams?

We want to give every person that gets involved a sustainable holiday at least three times a year.

Naturally, as VIP guests, our crowdfunders can select the time period that is of most interest to them.  We are still developing the themed weekend and seasonal events but will always offer these to our crowdfunders first.

We want to offer 1 weekend a year that is dedicated to all that get involved in the project.  This would take place over the August Bank Holiday.

We have created the following packages for crowdfunding partners.

£5,000 - 3 individual weeks per year for life + Annual VIP August Bank Holiday Event.  

£3,000 - 2 individual weeks per year for life + Annual VIP August Bank Holiday Event.

£2,000 - 1 individual week per year for life + Annual VIP August Bank Holiday Event. 

£1,000 - 2 x 3 day weekends per year for life + Annual VIP August Bank Holiday Event.

£600 - 1 x 3 day weekend per year for life + Annual VIP August Bank Holiday Event.

£250 - 50% discount to attend any scheduled weekly event +  Annual VIP August Bank Holiday Event.  

£100 - £249 - 50% discount on camping to attend  Annual August Bank Holiday Event.

We look forward to seeing all our crowdfunders at every Annual August Bank Holiday Event hope to reinvent the staycation sustainably for the benefit of us all. 

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