Eco-friendly independent children’s concept shop

by Hellen Stirling-Baker in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Eco-friendly independent children’s concept shop
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Small Stuff UK will hand pick and sell eco-friendly, sustainable and passionately made children’s homewares, accessories and clothing.

by Hellen Stirling-Baker in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

I started test trading Small Stuff back when I was on maternity leave with my son (who is now nearly 2) and the idea came from realising how much wasted, overly consumed products were available and I wanted to make a change. 99% of toys, clothing and accessories that were bought for my son as gifts, were either made of plastic, were wrapped in plastic, arrived in a plastic bag or were so mass produced that the seams and fabric deteriorated so quickly they had to be replaced. My family and friends who had small children preferred to throw away their old plastic toys or re-buy them rather than pass them down. I realised something needed to change.

I decided to start making small batch, independently designed baby rompers and dribble bibs out of locally sourced organic material and organic cotton and the feedback was incredible, my instagram following grew and I had to make the decision what to do next. At this time my son turned 1 and I decided to take a step back, learn everything I can about the industry along with returning to work in the short term. At the beginning of January, I was all of a sudden made redundant and I’ve taken this opportunity to grab Small Stuff UK by the horns and make my passion a full time reality. Small Stuff UK will be (re)launched as an independent children’s concept online store and pop-up shop. Small Stuff UK will also run small workshops to promote and encourage sustainable and eco-friendly living. 

Small Stuff’s product range has got bigger and bigger as more and more hand picked independent, sustainable and fair trade brands are on board - and I will now, not only be stocking my hand made clothing, but also accessories and homewares from some of the most beautiful and influential small batch producers in the UK and Europe. 

Small Stuff UK’s ethos is to buy well, buy less. Less mass consumption, more careful purchasing - buying things that will last and that do not arrive wrapped in plastic or made a million miles away. Textiles that are locally or fair trade sourced and do not pollute the planet - everything we sell, even down to our business cards will be better for the planet; well made, well sourced products, items and information you’d want to keep.


Now.. This is where you come in, I have the passion, the drive and the determination for this idea to work, I have the suppliers on board and the skills and experience to get started. I am looking for £3000 for my start-up costs for this business; this will cover stock, a website renewal, domain renewal and the up front payment costs for pop-up shops.

You can keep up to date with us directly on Twitter & Instagram @smallstuff_uk or Facebook


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Small Stuff tote bag & 20% off all purchases

Along with a huge thank you from me for your pledge, you will receive a 100% organic cotton tote bag plus a multi-use code that can be used in store and online for 20% off any order for the first year trading.

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Small Stuff Tote Bag, Swaddle blanket & 10 % off

Along with a huge thank you from me for your pledge, you will receive a small stuff branded 100% organic tote bag, a black and white design 100% organic swaddle blanket and a multi-use code for use in store and online for 10% off any order for the first year of trading.

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Small Stuff Tote Bag with goodies

Along with a huge thank you from me, you will receive a 100% organic cotton Small Stuff branded tote bag, full of organic and eco-friendly goodies included products by OMY, pigeon organics and more.

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Small Stuff Tote Bag & free products every season.

This is the biggie.. Along with a GIANT thank you from me for your pledge, I will be sending you a branded 100% organic tote bag, and then each season you will receive a number of FREE products, for example rompers, jumpers, toys, homewares etc for your little ones (or your friends little ones, or your grandchildren - whoever you’d usually purchase for) for the first year of trading as you will become a Small Stuff brand ambassador.

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