Eco-friendly Cafe in the Fiji islands

by Larisa Johnson in Suva, Rewa, Fiji

Eco-friendly Cafe in the Fiji islands

To raise money to establish an eco friendly cafe in Fiji where we use recycled furniture and packaging etc being eco conscious

by Larisa Johnson in Suva, Rewa, Fiji


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Hey everyone! I emigrated to Fiji just over a year ago and lately have been working on opening it's first eco-friendly cafe where it would set out a feel of recycled furniture (pallets), and other recyclable products as well as organic food attracting people from all walks of life where they can come and enjoy a different setting as opposed to over commercialised shops. I want to be able to educate people about being plastic free, living a healthier lofrslifestyle and being as close to nature as they possibly can. With Fiji being a small country and alot of imports come from China and other Asian countries, pollution and health risks have been on the rise with very little support and knowledge of the importance for natural, eco friendly products . I believe by having a place where people can come together and learn about the importance of our environment, it will grow and help us to understand the need to be more aware of our surroundings and our health. I wish to inject donations on bringing in eco packaging, building eco cafe style furniture and generally just for a cafe to have a personal touch of my vision of an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Let's make 'Eco-friendly Cafe in the Fiji islands' happen

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