Eco-friendly Activewear Brand

by Matthew MacNabb in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Eco-friendly Activewear Brand


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I want to make an eco-friendly activewear brand. Fashion is the third largest contributor to climate change. I want to make a difference.

by Matthew MacNabb in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

My name is Matthew and i have a vision of forcing the fashion industry to change their environmentally harmful ways or else get left behind. 

I want to do this by making a change through my own sustainable activewear brand. I am in the final semester of my MBA and i run my activewear brand, Gym Bull Apparel by myself. When I started this small brand a year ago, I  wanted to create an awesome ethos of overcoming challenges and making a difference and this is where i have found will make the biggest difference. Since starting the brand, i learnt of the horrendous impact the fashion industry has on the environment. It is the 3rd largest contributor to climate change. Not only that, materials such as inorganic cotton uses significant amount of water and pesticides. For instance, the below is a picture of the Aral Sea now in Kazakhstan in the north and Uzbekistan in the south. The water was used to produce materials like inorganic cotton which is in most our clothes.

I have always been eco-conscience. The impact we have on the planet is devastating. Not only for the wildlife and the planet itself but for us! We have to make a change within 12 years or this amazing planet will be irreversibly damaged. I want to be part of the generation that took on the biggest issue our world has ever faced and won. Help me make a difference to this beautiful world by contributing to the launch of our first eco-friendly range.

I need money to start off partly for manufacturing because it is more expensive and partly for marketing so that i can get the brand out there. My plan is to have the brand go 100% eco-friendly within 2 year. The materials i would primarily use are bamboo based, which is the most sustainable material there is. However, in the future, once the brand has grown, i would love to use 100% recycled clothing. 



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