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Innovative new Coffee Roasting Technology that harnesses the energy from spent coffee grounds to power the worlds only Eco Roaster.

by eco_coffee_project in Dorset

We are 918 Coffee Co based in Dorset and we have been seriously hard at work over the last two years developing a coffee roasting technique that we hope will change the way coffee roasting is done in the future. Whilst there are a great many traditions involved in the art of coffee roasting, we think there must come a time when the greater need for a cleaner process for a more sustainable future take priority. With carbon friendly equivalents to a great deal of new processes now becoming known and popularised, I would like to introduce ECO ROAST

ECO ROAST is our groundbreaking technology that allows us to harness the energy from waste coffee grounds and use it to roast fresh coffee - to fully complete the cycle. Want to see our video - Eco-Roast by 918 Coffee Co.

Hasn't this already been done? It is correct that there are already a number of companies out there already putting waste coffee grounds to great use, such as turning it into compost, fertiliser, fuel pellets and even bio-diesel. All these are fantastic and a great way to a more sustainable future, however we are the only company who go that one step further. Collecting the waste coffee grounds, processing it into fuel and then using that fuel to run our coffee roasters. 

What is so good about this process? Well, in the UK alone we estimate that over 500,000 Tons of waste coffee is put into landfill each year, thats a staggering amount of unnecessary space taken up and although coffee is not necessarily bad for the soil, it does actively speed up the decay process of other organic waste in the landfill which in turn produces more methane which is a huge contributor to the Carbon Emissions. With the amount of potential energy it still has, it is like throwing half used batteries in the bin!

So is the coffee is environmentally friendly? Yes, the coffee is roasted using an ultra low carbon process, packed in a biodegradeable bag and is also Rainforest Alliance certified.

Does it taste any different? No, we have used some of the same amazing blends from when we first started roasting coffee and the taste profile is almost identical. A clean, dry and slow roast to give it all the balanced flavours a great coffee should have.

Who benefits from this innovation? 918 Coffee Co own the process and have developed and commisioned the only Eco Roasters in the world, however it will be for the benefit of all.  We are currently in talks with a national retailler looking to promote this technology which will allow everyone access to this "Deliciously Responsible Coffee". We have also been working hard to forge a working relationship with a well know ecological organisation who fully endorse what we are doing and want to help. We are working with Schools, Colleges and even Universities to help demonstrate how industry can adapt and advocate a greener and more environmentally friendly future.  Most of all, the biggest benefactors will be the future generations who will hopefully grow up in a cleaner environment. Almost forgot to mention the great reward hampers available to anyone pledging to support our project - check out the bottom of this page for more details.

What do we need? With all new innovation comes great cost to see it to fruition, we have self fincanced the build of the new ECO ROASTERS and now moved to our new Roastery, but now we need to look at the fuel production and air handling process. We need your support to help raise some of the money required to enable us to fully commission the whole system and see it fully operational in time for our first Eco Product launch in the New Year.

How much will it cost? The anticipated full cost of this system is just short of £100,000 and we are looking to raise the last £50k through crowdfunding as we believe we have some great rewards which are perfect for this time of year.

When will it happen? We are aiming to launch two new Eco Product ranges in the coming months with a view to having on the shelves in February next year. This may seem like a way off, but we really are desperately short of time with all our other commitments and the festive season just around the corner!

How has it gone so far? The support we have had for this technology has been amazing and we have been so encouraged by the positive feedback and comments we have been getting so far that we are delighted with how much we have already achieved and know that we are very close to finally completing this project for everyone to see and taste. We estimate that by December this year we will have the whole process up and running and ready for production in its full capacity.

What then? We arent planning on resting when we hit this target, we are chasing a number of world records and awards for this technology and have already won a number of awards for it so far. Education and developing more partners in the industry in the future also to ensure this technology is widely available.

How else can you help? We are always looking for new business to work with and would welcome any enquiry for the supply of freshly roasted coffee to your business, where we would look to collect your waste material and put it through our process to deliver the next batch of freshly roasted coffee beans! Or if you are local, we are happy to add you to our collection route and take your coffee waste away with us.

Anything else special about our coffee? Yes, actually we didnt just stop at Eco Roasting it, we also pack our coffee in biodegradable coffee bags and stamp the bag rather than apply labels, this then delivers a completely zero waste product, even the outer casing is made from recycled cardboard!

Does your company have a Corporate Social Responsibilty department? If so, we would love to talk to them and see if we can help them reach their targets!


Please check out for more details of this process and we really hope to hear from you very soon.


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