EBC - Equatoria Broadcasting Corporation Service

by Hakim Dario in Windsor, England, United Kingdom

EBC - Equatoria Broadcasting Corporation Service


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Equatoria Broadcasting Corporation service for connecting Equatoria communities in the Diaspora together on Facebook for a global audience

by Hakim Dario in Windsor, England, United Kingdom

The EBC service will develop material for broadcast to Equatoria communities in the Diaspora as well as providing coverage and sharing stories of over 1 million Equatoria communities in Refugee camps in Uganda, Kenya and DRC, who are displaced by conflict in South Sudan. The money raised will develop a functional EBC on Facebook as well as supporting Equatoria community good causes in countries of refuge in Eastern Africa through Diaspora communities support materially, financially or in kind support.

Support community and citizen reporters in countries of refuge to provide a flow of information, stories and life challenges to share with the world and Equatoria communities in Diaspora, raise awareness on a range of issues facing communities caught up in conflicts or those forcibly removed from their ancestral lands, raise awareness about their human and peoples' rights.

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