EazyFlicks Cloud Delivery for Video/Photographers

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The platform where the fusion photographer can deliver video and images, beautifully, all under one roof. Plus so much more!

by Jon-Adam Bird in

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After 5 years in the creative industry, I realised there was a big problem when it comes to delivering my clients content. USB's and DVD's are often bothersome and expensive, so I wanted to create a platform that will allow users to deliver their photos and videos, presented in a beautiful and easy to use way. That's why I thought of Eazyflicks. The photographer can upload his images and video files easily, choose a style of template they want for their presentation, create slideshows, sell extra footage and images, and tons more. First impressions are everything so when a photographer/videographer sends their client a link via Eazyflicks with their films and images on, the client will be blown away!


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