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I graduated in 2016 and then started working as business analyst but alway thinking to creat something great, make life easy for everyone.

by MA khaliq in London, England, United Kingdom

I travel every day on a tube and saw so many people using headphones but every day when they try to connect there headphones with mobile embracement waiting for them, 9 out of 10 times people are struggling to use there headphones because of wire attached to it. Your pull out your headphones from your pocket and then struggle begins, try to make wire right the person next to you is watching sometime you broke the wire but didn’t able to solve the problem that’s a struggle we all faced in our life, it happens to me most of the time. And then one day I had that idea that how to preserve that cable and how you can use your cable for long time with our any hasitation just put out the headphones connect with your phone and youse it, when you want to keep it in a pocket remove headphones from your ears press a small button and problem solved. 


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