Foldable & Sustainable for an Easy Hang

by Shannyce Adamson in London, England, United Kingdom

Foldable & Sustainable for an Easy Hang


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Easy Hang manufactures sustainable, durable hangers that are innovatively designed to make hanging and storing of clothes safer and easier.

by Shannyce Adamson in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi Everyone,

The idea for Easy Hang first came up during my various experiences working in the fashion industry, from store assistant to assisting styling during London fashion Week.

The high pressure environment of working in a busy clothing store, backstage during a fashion show or a photo shoot meant that I was constantly hanging and unhanging very expensive items of clothing but the awful design of hangers made it really difficult to remove clothes without pulling, stretching and damaging them. 

There is no reason why we should be pulling or stretching clothes to get them on or off a hanger.

Surely, there must be a better way than this?

The Problem

Hangers are highly functional objects that each one of us rely on and use daily however they usually go unnoticed and that is why they have remained relatively unchanged for the past 100 years despite many design flaws that lead to:

- Stretching of the collar

- Distortion of the shoulder area

- Creasing and wrinkling of clothing

- Non recyclable plastic hangers that end up in landfill

Why Easy Hang?

It's Unique.

There is currently no other product similar on the market (particularly in reference to the mechanism in each arm).


The hangers are made of eco friendly materials such as wood which not only make them sustainable but also durable resulting in a reduced need to replace them, equating in less waste.

The foldable arms also mean that during transportation, the hangers will be stored with the arms folded down, therefore fitting more products in one package to create an overall reduced surface area resulting in a significant reduction of carbon footprint and excess packaging.

Why Easy Hang?

Employs Human Centred Design.

Easy Hang applies the same technique that humans do to get dressed and undressed.

The hanger arms flex downwards as you remove your clothes from the hanger allowing your clothes to easily slip off each arm.

Once the items of clothing is off the hanger, the flexed arms automatically retract back to their original resting position.

It's Space Conscious.

When the hanger is not in use the arms can be stored folded down which is great for: 

- Creating more usable space in your wardrobe

- Easier packing and travel

Funding next steps...

Production & Promotion.

Currently Easy Hang is in it's final development phase, finalising and perfecting every feature so that we can move forward into manufacturing.

Your incredible pledges will be used towards producing our initial batch of Easy Hang hangers. These initial hangers will be available to our backers through our rewards and will also be used for promotion purposed such as trade shows, pop up stores and towards our website.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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For your incredible generosity, you will receive an exclusive 10% off retail price once hangers have began production

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Heartfelt gratitude and entry into a prize draw for the chance to win your own pack of Easy Hang hangers!

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Customise & Personalise your own pack of hangers

A personalised pack of three Easy Hang hangers with your choice of sustainable wood finishings and monogramed initials that put a stamp on your wardrobe.

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Fully serviced wardrobe

A full wardrobe servicing experience*. Organisation and handy tips on how to best store your items of clothing to create a practical and functional space including 5 personalised Easy Hang hangers for your new wardrobe.

Let's make 'Foldable & Sustainable for an Easy Hang' happen

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