Help Elect the East of England's First Green MEP

by Mid Suffolk Green Party in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 2nd June 2019 we successfully raised £12,460 with 273 supporters in 50 days

Hope or hate? Climate breakdown or change? The East at the heart of Europe or dragged out? Back our proud pro-European campaign today.

by Mid Suffolk Green Party in Norwich, England, United Kingdom

The Green Party is the East of England's Remain Party and the UK’s biggest pro-European party in the European Parliament. 

We have launched our campaign to mobilise one of the strongest pro-European movements anywhere on the continent. Our campaign is proudly standing up for free movement, for gold standard climate action and for the rights of all Europeans.

Our candidates for the East of England Green Party are as follows:

  • Catherine Rowett - Lead Candidate, who’s a Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia.
  • Rupert Read - defacto spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion, Professor of Philosophy at UEA and former lead MEP candidate in 2014.
  • Martin Schmierer
  • Fiona Radic
  • Paul Jeater
  • Pallavi Devulapalli 
  • Jeremy Caddick 


Note 1: Should the government decide for any reason to cancel the holding of these European elections, sadly we will not be in a position to refund any donations made to the campaign.

Note 2: Because we're a political party: We're required to run checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as pledges are made. For the same reason, we cannot accept anonymous donations over £500. If you make multiple donations to us, they may be aggregated for our reporting purposes. Your details will appear in our election returns if valued over £500, and if you donate over £7500 your identity will appear on the Electoral Commission website.

To Donate to other Green Party's Crowdfunder please see links at the bottom of this page. 

This is our chance to tell the establishment that enough is enough. Now is the time to show the mainstream parties what kind of Britain we want to be. This isn’t just about Europe, leave or remain, this is about our country and our values. 

Funds are needed to ensure voters hear our key messages via a Eastern-wide literature campaign, and via a top notch social media campaign. 

  • If 2,500 people gave just £10 we'd hit our target.
  • If 150 people gave just £350 we'd hit our target.
  • If just 70 people gave us £500 we'd hit our target.
  • If 35 people gave us £1,000 we'd hit our target.

By donating £20, £50 or even more today you can help us deliver this campaign. Those who voted Remain have not been heard. Those that voted to Leave now want to Remain. It’s time to send a message to the other parties.

We’ve all been used as pawns in the Brexit mess by politicians who don’t know what they, let alone we, want and they are incapable of delivering what we need. They’ve left our country in a complete state of chaos and which is more divided than ever before. 

We know that the European Parliament isn’t perfect. But we want a future for our country based on principles we share with our neighbouring countries. We’re prepared to fight to keep our seat at the table, so that we can continue to work together with our friends across Europe to build a fairer, open and more sustainable continent.

In 2016, East of England voted to Leave. And two years on, we are clearer on the damage that leaving the EU will cause. 

Whilst the other parties have let this region down, Greens have consistently made the case that we are better off inside the European Union, working to improve it and reform it.  Out of the Parliamentary chaos, the Green Party is a clear voice calling for a People's Vote. 

The European elections use a fairer voting system and Greens do well in these elections. Now we want to give the East a chance to use their votes in this election to send a clear message to the other parties, to tell them to Listen to the Eastern Region.

A Green vote is a vote against the establishment. It’s a vote telling the main parties that their time is up - we need to reconnect to the lives of real people, shaping an open and confident Britain which we can be proud of again. Across Europe, the Green movement is growing.Our MEPs are a significant force for good, fighting for reform and fair consumer rights, and going hard against corruption. With the rise of the far right in this country and across Europe, it’s more important than ever to vote for a party that puts fighting injustice at its core.

But to make that possible, we’re asking for your help to fund our campaign. With such a short timeline, we need funds now to enable us to plan and deliver the campaign that’s needed. 

Please support us today and we’ll build the bold, pro-Europe campaign that’s needed.

Promoted by Chris Rose on behalf of the Green Party, both at The Biscuit Factory, Unit 215 J Block, 100 Clements Road, London, SE16 4DG

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