Eastern European Restaurant to open!

Eastern European Restaurant to open!

We are a eastern european family with a passion for good and tasty food.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a eastern european family with a passion for good and tasty food. We have long history of running our own restaurant and take away back home...and home is Bulgaria. Now we would like to step further and make a dream come true. For a while we have been planning to open and run our own take away/small restaurant here in the UK.

We would like to combine the Eastern traditions and present them to the locals. We do not want to just have place where we sell food. We want to create a place where people get together, enjoy food and share their daily experiences. We want a place where people will communicate and for a while forget about their problems and busy lifestyle.

We do not want to stick to the frame and try to follow the traditional take aways. We will create an extraordinary and cosy athmosphere not seen before. We will have exclusive promotions to repeated customers and we will help local community. Are plan is to use our delicious foods in order get people together and also help the ones in need. After leading her own cafe our mum is known to make the best coffee. This is why we want to combine and have both a cafe and take away.

We are planning to have free meals for families in need. Have free deserts days and also free meals for children. We will implements new dicount and promotion as soon as we have the business up and running.

We want to introduce the locals to the delicious, tasty, juicy foods we can offer.

We have created a business plan and have a design draft for every inch. Everything is almost at the finish line. We just need a little push and help to start.