East Mids Energy Ltd HHCRO Energy projects

East Mids Energy Ltd HHCRO Energy  projects

Government back scheme returning high margin commission. 30% of the business is available to investors to allow rapid growth and fast ROI

We did it!

On 8th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 28 days

High margin commission based lead generation working with reliable partners within a government back eco incentive.  

30% of the business ownership is now available in order to move the company to the next level of required expansion.  We have access to 100's of leads per week which are at raw stage and qualified stage.  With the right infrastructure these raw leads can be called by uk based telephone operatives and converted in to appointments.  In order to deal with this volume of leads we require a team of assessors. Their job will be to carry out all the necessary surveys to then lodge the clients new eco requirements, be this a new boiler, loft insulation or wall insulation.  Each packaged lead is worth a potential average of £200.  This level is achievable without investment but will take around a year to get to. This is why I have taken the decision to offer up a high level of ownership. The option to take this percentage of the business for this level of investment will not be offered again in the future.  Return on investment will be very high while maintaining low risk due to the industry being backed by government.

As the founder of this business I really want to see it making a difference to the community as much as possible. The government schemes for these free improvements are not widely known about in the pubylic arena, but with the right methods they can be rolled out to everyone who needs this assistance.  Everyone has the right to be warm in their own home, but not everyone can afford a new boiler.  The idea of the scheme is based around reducing people's fuel bills and making their lives easier.  On the other side of the coin, the business will be able to bring new jobs to the area, as training for the position of energy assessor will be given to the right candidate filled by a salary package to suit the high level of I put they will be required to give.

Please help me make a difference to the people who need it the most.  

Also, please remember, that as much as I Wish to actually make a difference in the community, this is a business for profit and as such this is a major factor in day to day running of the company.  It is also this which will give the high return on investememt.

As a lead generation and project packaging company we arrange free replacement boilers for eligible households under government backed schemes.  Since starting just 3 months ago we have had a fantastic start and already the requirement to move to the next level has happened.  With partners offering a wide range of replacement boiler capabilities and generators offering many more leads than we can handle at present we need to expand in order to bring this government project to more households in need of our assistance.  

We currently cover the East Midlands, but are very keen to continue further afield.

In order to do this our structure needs to change.  We need two more energy Assessors and along with this an administrator.  The paperwork involved is very time consuming and thorough so this is the part which will be continued to be done by myself to assure the converted leads are lodged correctly.  

The investment will be used to cover the costs involved with opening a larger office and training the appropriate candidates.  It will also be used the increase the level of leads being brought in to us.

In return for investment we are offering 30% of the business.  Due to the nature of the business which works on high margin commission a return on invested would be started within 3 to 6 months with the whole figure being realised within 12 months.  We would also consider an investor taking an active role in the company if they so wish.

Along with the current schemes being run, we are also in talks with a partner regarding other energy savings projects, these are expected to be non-means tested ventures resulting in a very wide potential market.


If you would like more details please contact me at mike@eastmidsenergy.com


thank you for taking the time to read and consider my proposal 

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