East Midlands to Calais - October 2015

East Midlands to Calais - October 2015

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We did it!

On 2nd Nov 2015 we successfully raised £550 with 23 supporters in 28 days

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Brendan Woodhouse and his team of merry (wo)men have volunteered to take the next convoy of donations collected in the East Midlands to refugees in Calais and beyond. We need to raise £2,280 to make this happen. 

Please join us on Facebook. Search EM Solidarity, NG Solidarity, LE Solidarity, DE Solidarity for your local Refugee Solidarity group. 

Here's a summary of the plan for the trip and costs below for transparency:

The large convoy will consist of 16 volunteers, 4 vans and  2 cars delivering aid in Calais over 2 days. The costs for this will roughly work out at £1,280. This consists of:
- Fuel £420
- Eurotunnel costs £460
- Basic accommodation £400 (that's £16.67 per person, per night)

Day 1: The team will distribute a mountain (3 vans!) of donations collected in the East Midlands into the Jungle. these donations will be items desperately needed in the jungle - we will make sure of that.

Day 2: The team of volunteers will use transport to purchase firewood and fresh food (fresh fruit, vegetables, meat) and milk and water for distribution to refugees on day two. We're hoping to raise £1,000 for purchase of these items.

Grand total £2,280.

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